Back pain can negatively affect nearly every aspect of a person’s life.

It can disrupt a person’s sleep, their mood, and make them unable to work as efficiently as they would like. The causes of this type of pain are numerous and can range from a pulled muscle to improper sleeping arrangements. In some cases, an old mattress can cause a person to sleep in an unnatural posture that results in pain. Other times a person may lay in a position that is bad for their spine, such as sleeping on one’s stomach. Fortunately, beds can be adapted so that they reduce back discomfort and promote pain-free rest.

The following three tips outline ways that people can adjust their beds for the most back comfort:

Reinforce with Wood

There are several ways that wood can make a bed more comfortable for a bad back. Older mattresses can sag in the middle, creating an unnatural dip that creates or worsen pain in a person’s back. Placing wood planks or plywood beneath the mattress and on top of the foundation will help to level out the mattress so that the dip is no longer noticeable or problematic. Placing plywood beneath the mattress will also help firm up beds that are too soft.

Use a Mattress Topper

3 Easy Ways To Adapt Your Bed To Ease Back Pain - Image Via Laura Ashley
Image Source: – Photo: Laura Ashley

The right mattress topper can provide additional support and help reduce back pain while sleeping. Memory foam mattress toppers are a good choice for back pain sufferers in that they provide full-body support, mold to the person’s body shape and reduces pressure from key stress points on the body. Mattress toppers are used by placing them directly on top of the current mattress. We recommend a Maxi Cool Mattress Topper. To give you support and keep things fresh for you in the night. Perfect for a rejuvenating sleep.

Elevate the Bed

Sleeping on one’s stomach can be the root of back pain as it causes improper posture while lying down. To discourage this, a person can elevate the foot of the bed. This can easily be done by purchasing an adjustable bed. For people who do not have an adjustable bed, furniture risers or bricks can be placed carefully beneath the foot of the bed to elevate it between 4 to 8 inches.

Making the right changes to one’s bed can go a long way in alleviating back pain. Although these changes are minimal and won’t greatly affect the appearance of one’s bedding, the benefits will be worth the effort.

Main Image Source: – Photo: Harvey Norman