The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home, for a number of reasons.

Not only is it one of the rooms that helps a home stand out when selling (second only to the kitchen), it’s also a place we spend a lot of our ‘me’ time. ‘Me’ time is essential for everybody’s health and well being! We bathe in the bathroom, practice our hygiene in there, and a lot of people love to have a good old pamper in there. Nobody wants to have a grotty bathroom, but this particular room can easily end up that way if you aren’t careful. Luckily, you can take your bathroom from grotty to gorgeous in just a few simple steps. Trust me; it’ll be well worth it!

Give it a Deep Clean

Your bathroom might not be outdated or ugly; it might just be a little dirty. Take a close look and see if you need to give it a deep clean. Make like Kim and Aggie and get your gloves on! There are lots of little tricks you can use to clean your bathroom in no time at all, so make sure you try them to see what works for you. With sparkling tiles, a clean bath, toilet, and sink, your bathroom should look much better for free.

Add Accessories

Add accessories to your bathroom to give it a little more interest. You don’t want to overcrowd the place, but a quirky little ornament or two could seriously give it some personality. You could buy special hand wash and lotion bottles for a start. A nice vase always looks great in the bathroom too!

Replace Tired Old Hardware

Tired old hardware. It’s the worst, and can totally ruin the look of a bathroom in about 2 seconds flat. Take a closer look at your sink, bath, and toilet. Do your taps need replacing? Is there anything that looks a little rusty, or cheap? Sites like offer inspiration for contemporary hardware designs. This means you can replace your hardware with confidence.

Use Neutral Colours

Bathrooms nearly always look better when you use neutral colours, but there are exceptions. If you don’t know where to start with your bathroom, then your safest bet is to get together your favourite neutrals and decorate with those. You don’t just need to stick to beiges, browns, and creams. I find that greys, taupes, and even natural colours such as navy blue can look great too!

If you’re a little more confident when it comes to mixing pattern and colour, you can of course add this to your bathroom design. Feature walls can look amazing in the bathroom when done right. Just be careful that you don’t make it look tacky. All of the colours and patterns you use should work well together and make sense. Bathrooms should always be classy!

Include Plenty of Storage

The bathroom is one of the worst rooms for having items lying around and messing up the general feel of the place. While it can be useful to keep your toiletries on the side of the bath, it doesn’t look great. If you can find a place to fit storage into your bathroom, then please do so. You’ll love the clean feeling it gives the space, and you’ll never lose your razor again!

Use Natural Materials

Natural materials can look amazing in a bathroom. Materials such as dark wood and even slate all give that spa feel, so they are a great choice if you’re going this far with your decorating. You can even buy cheaper materials that look like their more expensive counterparts, so don’t panic if you haven’t got a very big budget. There’s something out there for you!

You can even do something unexpected with natural materials to give your bathroom a quirky feel. I’ve seen homeowners who have decorated their bathroom walls with natural, rustic looking wood. It really worked!

Add Candles

Candles always have the ability to make a bathroom feel gorgeous. Not only do they make the place smell divine, they can create an atmosphere like no other! Perfect for when you want to enjoy a relaxing bath. Rooms, especially bathrooms, always look better when the lights are low.

Image Credit: thisisbossi

Install a Dimmer Switch

If you’re worried about fire hazards, you don’t necessarily have to add candles to your bathroom. What about a dimmer switch instead? This way, you can have that relaxing feeling in your bathroom without having to light anything or keep your eye on things setting alight.

And If You’ve Got a Bit More to Spend…

Make Your Bath a Focal Point

You can’t deny that with the bath as a focal point, you can totally change the feel of your bathroom. The bath is usually the focal point anyway, so if it looks grotty or just isn’t up to scratch, your bathroom isn’t going to have the ‘wow’ factor. How long have you had your bath? It might be worth replacing it if you’ve had it a long time. Not only will this seriously increase the value of your home, you’ll have a brand new fancy bath to enjoy! There are styles to suit everybody these days; jacuzzi style corner tubs, stand alone vintage style tubs, and so many more. Did you know you can even buy bathtubs with jets installed so you feel like you’re in a whirlpool jacuzzi? Don’t miss out on this excitement any longer and buy a special bath to create a focal point. You’ll love it!

Designer bath

Image Credit: romana klee

By using these tips to transform your bathroom, you’ll feel like you’re bathing in a totally different place. You should feel relaxed in your bathroom, so please don’t hesitate to spruce it up a little and make it your safe haven. Even if you just add a few accessories and change some of the hardware, your bathroom could look totally different.

Do you have any tips for a gorgeous bathroom? Leave a comment!

Main image: Emily May @ Flickr