For many years the bathroom trends were very minimal, with stainless steal accessories and white bathroom suits.

When entering the competition at I wanted to show that a bathroom can be whatever you dream it to be, if you like the white minimal look embrace the style, but if you long to add glitz and glamour, don’t be afraid to embrace this instead.

There is a wealth of inspiration to be found on Pinterest, and so much fun to be had searching and pinning items to your boards, as many have embraced the era of glitz and glamour, especially during the 1920’s with Art Deco.

I wanted to also show how much fun you can have decorating a bathroom, especially with gold, brass and cooper trending so strongly over the last few years – the gold polished waterfall bathroom sink faucet being exceptionally special.

When it comes to practical items you could include a column radiator of the 1920’s era which were definitely beautifully designed, but had the designers of that era had access to the option we have nowadays, I believe they would of chosen a more opulent option like the Gold Aestus Copy Mirror radiator I chose.

Why choose normal when you can chose exceptional items!

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