It’s summer and after many months of lockdowns, online schooling and working from home, now that the world is opening up again, you might be feeling inspired to take on a DIY project or two, such as a new bathroom. If so, you’ve picked the perfect time. 

This summer there’s a design idea for every type and size of bathroom. From adventurous styles inspired by the outdoors, to modern classics for more traditional tastes, the bathroom trends right now have a little something to please everyone.

Shades of Green

When it comes to design trends, green is having a bit of a moment. Designers are using it in everything from kitchen cabinets to wallpaper, and back garden furniture to bathroom vanities. If the great outdoors and the wonder of nature are your first love, then this 2021 summer design trend is the inspiration you need to transform your bathroom into a spa oasis. According to House Beautiful, green shades such as sage and pistachio are in high demand this year.

To go green in your master bath or powder room, don’t go for a green sink or tub. Instead, try using olive toned subway tiles for your bathroom backsplash or shower enclosure. If that’s too much green, then accessorise with Hunter or Barbour green towels, as well as real plants.

Curves and Bends

According to design expert and Houzz UK editor, Amanda Pollard, rounded elements are increasing in popularity this year. Besides curved kitchen islands and bended archways, the trend is making its way to bathroom décor in the form of circular sinks, round mirrors and the continued popularity of deep, oval soaking tubs. 

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The look offers an ideal contrast to the straight lines that have become so prevalent in modern bathroom design over the past few years. If you embrace the look, don’t capsize your commode by curling every element into circles and flutes. Use rounder elements for interest and to complement the sharp corners of vanity benchtops and glass shower enclosures.

Black and Off-black Tones

And now back to bathroom colour trends, this time – black. Paint walls in shades of black, midnight or chocolate brown. If you want something that’s more romantic and reminiscent of deep purple lace, try raisin-coloured tiles purple lace. 

Does the thought of all that darkness make you nervous? Even the faint of heart can experiment with the trend. Instead of an all near-black to black bathroom, go for the timeless look of a monochrome bathroom. Keep the backsplash white with black accents. Then choose a black flooring and paint the exterior of an antique clawfoot tub a dark brown or deep purple.

Floridan Pinks

Maybe you’re fine with curves but draw the line at black or green. Alternatively, you might prefer softer shades that remind you of semi-tropical beaches. If so, get your ideas from the US state that Livingetc magazine claims has the most influential home décor themes – Florida

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To copy the Floridan, ocean-inspired modern aesthetic, accent neutral colours  with blushes of pink, mauve and pale green. If you’re game to attempt something bold, choose retro pink tile in an oblong rectangular shape instead of a square. For example, lay the wall tiles vertically instead and keep them aligned. If that’s too much, use colour-blocking to break up the cheeky shade with a contrasting hue in a lighter or darker tone, such as eggplant or an off-white with a pink undercurrent.

Copper, Red or Rust Shades

Let’s wrap up our favorite bathroom design trends for summer 2021 by coming down to Earth, specifically to Earth tones like reds, browns and golds, as well as materials such as copper or brass. This popular look goes well with the green trend we mentioned towards the beginning of this article as well as the dark bathroom trend.

The colour palette of this bathroom theme adds a warm feel to the room. The key to capturing the right feeling starts with great lighting or lots of natural light through a window or skylight. Spanish Saltillo tiles on the floor work well, or go for a backsplash of brick tones in a 45-degree Herringbone pattern. Just like the other trends, if you’re unsure about using too much red, invest in a copper bathtub or go even subtler with copper or brass faucets, fixtures and accessories.

Final Thoughts

No matter which bathroom trends you decide to incorporate, you’ll be happy you decided to make the change. Even if you’re just going to add a fresh coat of paint in a colour you never thought of trying before, such as black, Kelly green or hot pink, save this post for future ideas.