Three Astounding Examples Of Fine Glass Architecture - 100 Eleventh Ave. New York City

Over the years, there have been many changes in the field of architecture.

There was a period when people preferred the use of concrete in designs, but those days are over. Now, there is a growing trend of people using glass in their structures. That is to say that many people are now using this style around the world.

We will now take a look at some of the best designs from all over the globe. Here are three astounding buildings to inspire you.

100 Eleventh Ave

In the heart of New York City, there are many beautiful examples of fine architecture (see image above). When you think of the Big Apple, you probably imagine towering buildings and epic skyscrapers.

Well, what about glass towers? At 100 Eleventh Ave, you’ll find one of the best uses of glass the modern world has seen. This curved structure is as unique as it is intriguing. Many people gather every year to take pictures of this beauty.

The French architect, Jean Nouvel, is the man behind the building, which is now one of the best in the region. The building opened back in 2010 and has since gained quite a reputation for its look.

Despite its flashy style, the structure is a residential building, rather than an office block. That is to say that it houses people who work in the city.

The 23-story structure looms over the city and is stunning. On a light day, you will notice that it reflects colour all around it. That is what draws so many people to it.

Harbour Centre

Three Astounding Examples Of Fine Glass Architecture - Harbour Centre - 1977

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In downtown Vancouver, you will find the Harbour Centre. This building stands tall, just across the road from Seymour and Hastings. The picture you see here dates back to 1977 and is a real example of fine glass at its best.

Each panel needs glass labels to differentiate them from one another. The roof here offers you a direct look at the sky from inside the building. What is most impressive about this structure is the way it bends around to create an arch.

Many people have stood and stared up at the clouds or, indeed, the stars when inside the building.

Of course, British Columbia is famous for its wealth of unique buildings. The city of Vancouver has many structures at which you could marvel for days. This example was forward-thinking for its time.

Now, sure, many people use glass in their architecture. When the council commissioned this building, it was quite revolutionary.

The Charlemagne Building

Three Astounding Examples Of Fine Glass Architecture - Charlemagne Building of the European Commission

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The Charlemagne Building, which stands tall in Brussels, is the HQ for the European Commission. For a long time, there was nothing remarkable about this building. In fact, until the late 1990’s, this structure was a concrete skyscraper that was nothing more than an eyesore.

Now, years later, one architect has transformed the building to be this gorgeous glass chamber. The man behind this new structure was the architect, Helmut Jahn.

In 1998, he completely changed the way in which the building looked so that it was new. The new building uses sharp angles and curved structures to create a contemporary look.

The building now has the same style as some of the most contemporary buildings in London City. In fact, it seems as though it is one of the finest buildings in Europe right now.

This building is an example of how architects can use glass to their best advantage. Creating an entire structure out of the material is no easy feat, but the effect is stunning.

These three examples of glass architecture show how the material can revitalize an entire area. With the use of this ultra cool equipment, people can create fantastic designs.

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