There have been a plethora of advancements in the building and construction materials we can use in recent times, and perhaps one of the most useful – and effective – advancements is precast concrete.

Precast concrete has proven to be one of the most practical methods of construction using concrete, and it has contributed to a broad number of construction projects, producing buildings, walls, and other structures that are robust, hardy, and even environmentally friendly.

If you are wondering what else you can expect from using precast concrete, here are the actual benefits of using precast concrete walls for your project.

Better design and building efficiency 

One obvious benefit of using precast concrete is its better design and building efficiency. It can provide you with efficiency for your project, and it allows you to proceed with your other construction tasks whilst the precast design you need is developed and built.

Decreased costs 

The use of precast concrete walls enables you to decrease your costs, this is because they are produced off-site and in controlled conditions, and they can be delivered to you ready for installation whenever you require them. You order what you need, and it will be produced for you, which allows you to reduce your schedule time and stops the risk of any delays.

Concrete wall with bamboo plant

Since it’s more likely that you can stick to your plan, you can decrease the costs associated with your project. What’s more, you can also decrease the likelihood of any disruption to your site and reduce your safety concerns. The installation of precast concrete doesn’t require as much labour, either, further reducing your costs. 

Environmentally resistant and thermally efficient 

Structures made from precast concrete are incredibly resistant to natural disasters, insect infestation, mould, and fires. Compared to other materials, precast concrete is also highly resistant to rain and inclement weather, making it perfect for walls.

Apartment with concret wall and brick wall interior

Precast concrete king post wall is a more feasible choice than other kinds of walls, and it can resist damage from water, wind, termites, and overall decay very well. Apart from this, precast concrete walls don’t require much maintenance, and opting for such can lower your insurance expenses. 

In terms of thermal efficiency, precast concrete can be quite remarkable – with it; you can lower your cooling and heating costs for your building or home because of its thermal mass. In addition, you can reduce your peak cooling and heating loads simply because the concrete doesn’t react quickly to any changes in temperature. 

Easy to maintain 

As mentioned, precast concrete comes with low maintenance – it’s so easy to maintain that all you need to do is wash it down when it becomes dirty. You can leave the exterior unpainted, and you need not worry about any damage caused by the elements. If you would like to have it painted or finished, you can easily do so as well, with repainting only necessary after five to even ten years. 

A dense material perfect for noise control 

Precast concrete is dense, so your structure will not likely absorb much noise or sound coming from outside. This makes it entirely suitable for residential and commercial establishments.