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A quick guide on 4 great uses for your van that you never would of thought of.

Back in 2013, AutoExpress reported on research which revealed that many builders, plumbers, electricians and tradespeople in the UK used their vans for much more than simply carrying around the tools and paraphernalia of their work.

It seems the humble work van regularly becomes a bolthole to kip in when a worker is away on a job or a mobile office in which to complete the weekly accounts, and these pieces of four-wheeled machinery also double as reading rooms, gaming centres and dining spaces.

However, we feel these are rather incidental uses – if you eat your sandwiches while sitting in your van, does it technically become a dining room – or is it just a convenient place to shelter and/or enjoy some privacy from clients – even if it is only for fifteen minutes?

While the van article gave us an insight into some of the habits of the nation’s van owners – what it didn’t do was truly inspire us to learn how a van can be used to its full potential.

So, here we have it – four great ways to get the most out of your van and your van insurance.

Spare bedroom

4 Great Uses For Your Van You Never Thought Of
Image Source © Mark via Flickr, under CC Licence

Okay, so our pic is a bit rough ‘n’ ready, but we’ve heard of people in highly populated areas, where housing space is at a premium, who use their allocated parking space to site a van.

This van is then kitted out with a bed, and whatever other comforts and accoutrements the owner feels inclined to include, to become a little habitat for overnight guests.

While we can’t vouch for the legality of this (or any of the other uses mentioned in this article) we can believe that with a little bit of hard work and some imagination, even the humblest of Ford Transits can become quite a cosy space in which to spend a night or two.

Potting shed – the dawn of the Shan!

4 Great Uses For Your Van You Never Thought Of
Image Source © h080 via Flickr, under CC Licence

For the horticulturally-minded van owners out there, particularly those without room in their garden for a shed or perhaps having the luxury of an allotment to which they go on a regular basis, an innovative use for your van would be to turn it into a mobile potting shed.

No need now to have one shed in your garden and one down at the allotment, with a Shan (shed/van) you just keep all your bags of topsoil, dibbers, seedling trays, trowels and rooting powder etc. neatly stored in your van – sorry – Shan.

Campervan-type vehicles even have the added benefit of windows, so you could plant up your pots and leave them in the veritable tropical environs of your Shan before you plant them out.

No more hauling bags of compost to the allotment now, or trying to transport sapling tomato plants on the back seat of your car, because with the right fixtures and fittings – a tethered potting table should do it, and some drawers for your tags, pots, string, trowels etc – your mobile potting shed could soon be a haven of tranquillity for the growing of flowers and vegetables to your heart’s content.

Changing room

4 Great Uses For Your Van You Never Thought Of

Image Source © The Shopping Sherpa via Flickr, under CC Licence

Remember the ignominy of hiding under a towel at the beach while trying to peel wet swimwear off your rapidly goose-pimpling flesh?

By turning your ordinary work van into a mobile changing room, you can just get out of the surf and into your clothes in the comfort of a space big and private enough, to let you get on with things in a normal fashion.

Out of the wind and away from the sand – which gets everywhere, doesn’t it – your van/changing room makes a day at the beach that little bit more bearable – just park close to where you want to swim, stock it with towels, sun cream and maybe even some sandwiches – and Bob’s your beach-bathing uncle.

Vehicle for self expression

4 Great Uses For Your Van You Never Thought Of
Image Source © McD22 via Flickr, under CC Licence

If you have a burning desire to let everyone see your artistic expertise, the sides of a van can be the perfect blank canvass.

Once purely the domain of the VW-owning hippie, a painted or decaled van can now advertise your services, express your deepest thoughts (as long as they are not inflammatory), or merely just let people know what a free spirit you are.

You could use calligraphy sign writing to share your favourite poem with the world, or maybe some song lyrics or an inspiring quote are more your thing.

Perhaps all you need is a sprinkling of monochrome daisies to let the world know that your van is not just a metal box – it’s your creative space and it goes wherever you and your mind’s eye leads.

Whether you use stickers or go to town with a spray can – your van can be the perfect place to show your inner Van Gogh (sorry – but it had to be done!).

Whatever brilliant use you find for your van if you are going to drive it or keep it on UK roads you must keep it covered – so, for great cheap van insurance deals, why not try www.ivaninsurance.co.uk

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