How To Create A Relaxing Bedroom In 3 Easy Steps

Your bedroom should be a place for ultimate relaxation and comfort.

However, for many busy people it can end up being a dumping ground. Most of us have been guilty of treating our bedrooms like this. After all, nobody else ever sees them, and when you have a messy house and guests turning up in five minutes, what else are you going to do?

So, if you feel like your bedroom has turned into a cluttered no-go zone, then read on. These simple tips will help you turn it into the tranquil retreat it should be.

Tidy Up

You could umm and ahh about tidying up your bedroom for weeks, so it’s best just to bite the bullet and get on with it. Even if you bag everything up and bring it downstairs for the time being, that’s OK. You’ve just got to clear everything out and start again.

Once you have finished, walk away for ten minutes and have a nice cup of tea. Then return to your bedroom – how do you feel? The difference should be striking. It’s a little clue for you. A cluttered, messy bedroom is never going to be somewhere you can just sit or lie back and relax.

What’s busy on the eye, is also busy on the mind, so once you have a clean and tidy space, keep it that way.

Prepare For Better Sleep

Does your bed help you sleep or disturb you? If it’s the latter, then there are a few investments you can make. The other suggestions in this article won’t have to cost you much, but if there is one area where we suggest spending in, it’s the bed.

First of all, how are your covers? If you are sleeping in scratchy old linen, then it might be time for something a little more luxurious. Take a look over at Home Space Direct for some classy inspiration.

Now think about your pillows. DO the support your neck, or are you waking up each morning feeling stiffness and tiredness? If so, it might be time for a change And while you are at it, be sure to think about your mattress. If it’s lumpy or uncomfortable in any way, it could be time for a new one. Read our guide on how to choose a mattress for some amazing tips.

Add Relaxing Lighting

The more natural light you have in your bedroom, the more relaxing an environment it will be. Make sure that your furniture isn’t blocking out the sun, and use thin curtains or blinds to allow more light in.

However, if your bedroom isn’t ideally placed for the sun’s rays, you will need to think about an alternative. You probably already have bedroom lamps, but are they good enough?

You could improve things by adding different levels of light throughout the whole room, and even introducing a dimmer switch can help. It’s all about setting the mood, and the more options you have, the better.

And there you have it. It’s simple stuff, but a clean, well-lit bedroom with a comfortable bed is all you need for a relaxing haven. Sure, you can accessorise or add a sofa or comfortable chair by the window. But, these basic tips will do more for you than anything else.