Quick And Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

As the bathroom always seems to be moist, it can lose it’s charm after a while.

Things can discolour, grow mould, and just begin to look gross. So, how can you make your bathroom look better, fast? Here are some quick and easy ways to spruce up your bathroom:

Get a New Curtain/Screen

Take a look at your curtain/screen and decide if you should replace it. If you have a curtain, you might find that replacing it with a screen is more efficient and tidier. Sometimes, curtains can get mouldy and begin to smell.

If you do intend on using curtains, make sure you wash them every so often to keep them looking fresh. A clear bath screen will help the room to look much bigger.

Replace the Floor

It’s important that the floor in the bathroom can withstand a lot of moisture. No matter how hard you try, the floor will get wet. Make sure your floor is waterproof and that too much water won’t affect it in any way.

Ideally, your floor will be easy to clean just incase you spill anything. Try to avoid slippery floors, as these can be dangerous. There’s nothing worse than getting out of the bath and sliding around all over the place!

Add a Coat of Paint

Perhaps all your bathroom needs is a coat of paint to make it look brand new. You could paint it a brand new colour, or simply go over the old colour to freshen it up. Painting doesn’t cost much and is one of the easiest ways to makeover your bathroom.


Take a look around your bathroom and see if there are any repairs to be made. DIY bath repair is possible, so don’t think you have to buy a new bath if it isn’t perfect.

You might also like to replace tiles, add new filler, etc. There are many small repairs you can make that will all add up to create a better looking bathroom!

Replace Hardware

New taps and a shower head might make a big difference to not only the look of your bathroom, but the functionality of it too. It shouldn’t cost much if you can manage to fit them yourself!

Change Light Fittings

Light fittings can add a new lease of life to the bathroom. Spotlights can make a bathroom appear larger and make it more practical!


You should aim to accessorise the bathroom like any other room in the house. Add a plant, or a fake plant if you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep it alive. Natural elements in a bathroom make it seem more tranquil and relaxed. Add pebbles, bamboo, and other features you feel will help you to feel relaxed.

These quick and easy tips will help you to improve the look of your bathroom in no time at all. You’ll wish you’d done them sooner!

Tips of your own? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment for our readers. See you soon!

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