scraplights range by graypants

Created by Seattle-based designers Graypants, Scraplights are light-shades made from corrugated card from unused boxes that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

They are precision cut with a laser and then assembled by hand.

Slight variations in color or corrugation pattern are a bi-product of the handmade process and make each Scraplight truly unique.

When you first receive your Scraplight, that campfire smell is not your imagination – we like to think of it as an aromatherapy bonus. The laser cutting process slightly burns the edges of the cardboard, which leaves a lingering smoky smell. It will diminish over time.

Caroline McGrath stock 4 products in the range: Disc (2 sizes), Moon (3 sizes), Drum 24 and Ausi.

Prices start at £159 in the UK, available at

The Graypants homepage and online shop is at