Upcycled Recycled Hand Painted Desk

Upcycling furniture by painting it, is a brilliant way to recycle an item that you would otherwise of thrown out.

This desk has been beautifully decorated, with someone spending a great deal of time painting the detailed pattern by hand on to it. It reminds me of the art work you would find on an old gypsy caravan.

The artwork on a piece of recycled/upcycled furniture doesn’t have to be painted buy hand. If you haven’t got the time you could use a stencil and spray or stipple the paint over the top of the stencil.

You could also place a sticker onto the piece of furniture or cover it in cutouts from magazines or wallpaper, using a technique called decoupage.

Painting of furniture can be very rewarding and show off a persons individual style and taste. Our imagination is the only thing limiting the designs.

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