Sitting in the shade of a tree on a glorious sunny day, surrounded by flowers and snuggling up to your dog, is what summer is all about.

Though did you know it’s best not to be as laid back when it comes to the choice of flowers and trees that you’re planting in your garden, as it turns out that gardening when you have pets is not as straightforward as many of us had previously thought.

Just as we would for our children, we also need to look out for dangers for our pets too. The dangers are not always obvious either, as many plants for example are safe for humans, but can cause server reactions to dogs if eaten.

How would you start to make your garden safe for your pet dog? I’d start by researching the plants you already have growing in your garden, and then double checking before you shop for new ones.

You will find the infographic below by Rattan Direct a great place to start when designing a dog safe garden, as it has helpful tips on providing your dog with shade and access to water, to which plants are toxic.

To find out further information on which plants are toxic to dogs, visit the Dog Trust link here.