Do You Need A Roommate?

Are you finding that you need a roommate so that you can afford to live?

As property prices and living costs increase people are finding it hard and harder to make ends meet. One popular and more often than not necessary solution is to have a roommate.

For many this is a way of living that they were accustomed to when they were a student or when they earned less, but more and more people are finding that even though they are in what can be classed as a well paid job, they still find they need to have a roommate to be able to afford to live in certain area’s of the world.

The team at Liberty Village Condos have put together the following infographic that calculates the amount of roommates a person would need if they lived in cities such as London, New York, Hong Kong, Toronto or San Francisco earning an average salary.

For the millenial generation some of the statistics are quite daunting.


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