Underfloor heating systems are a comfortable and efficient way of heating your home.

Underfloor heating kits providing an alternative to traditional forms of heating such as radiators.

Many people wonder if they are more efficient than conventional forms of heating, as this is their main reason for installing the system in the first place.

People who have taken the plunge and installed underfloor heating kits in their home will tell you what a great heating system it is…

Installed in new build or existing properties

Underfloor heating kits can be installed in the sub-floor of new builds or renovations, or roll our mats can be used under the top layer of final floor surface. Both provide an energy-efficient means of heating a room as they transfer heat through the top layer into the room.

Even heat distribution

Radiators are a means of heating a room but the heat is concentrated in one place. The heat then fans out from here, being swirled around the room with movement in the house, as well as hot air rising and falling back down into the space.

Underfloor heating provides a more efficient, and even distribution of heat as it uses a larger surface to heat the lower half of a room. Radiators heat the air and although this can make a room or space feel warm, it is not the most efficient method of creating comfortable warmth in a space.

Improve overall energy efficiency

Underfloor heating, like any other kind of heating within a home needs to be operated efficiently, and used to maximum efficiency to get not only the best heat in a space but to do so without a huge heating bill.

Using a smart thermostat is one way of saving even more money on your heating bills, without compromising on warmth or comfort. Smart thermostats work in the background to minimise energy consumption by ensuring that each room is at the right temperature for your own personal comfort.

Preventing overheating, this smart thermostat system responds to changes in temperature within your home but also ‘learns’ how you heat you own, your preferences and so on.

Such a system has been proven to save 25% on heating bills when coupled with an efficient underfloor heating system – and who wouldn’t like to save more on their heating bills, without being cold?

Save money and heat with a well-insulated home

Is underfloor heating more efficient than conventional heating?

But here’s the rub and it is the one that many people fail to appreciate – you can install the most efficient underfloor heating kit that your money can buy; you can have the latest intelligent smart thermostat system that learns your behaviour and how to adjust heat accordingly but, if your property leaks heat like a sieve leaks water then all these advantages are lost.

Comparing the efficiency of radiators and underfloor heating is lost if your home is poorly insulated. Some people think that because they have loft insulation that all is well and good but, standards and recommendations have changed.

In essence, if you have not updated or added to your loft insulation, for example, in the last five years it is unlikely to be at the recommended depth of 270mm.

Many properties benefit from double glazing but is every window double glazed? There may be a hall window or a small window elsewhere in your home that you assume is too small or of no consequence to make a difference but a single pane window anywhere in your property will be leaking heat through it.

The beauty of underfloor heating

That said, there is something quite decadent about underfloor heating. Who wouldn’t love the idea of stepping out of bed in a morning onto a delightfully warm floor?

Or, in an evening with the wind howling about the house and the rain lashing at the window, having your feet and home snuggly warm without costing you a heap of cash or pumping huge amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere?

Underfloor heating is a responsive heating system. It is quicker to respond to demands for heat, as well as switch off or decrease in temperature.

It is far more comfortable, doing away with hot spots in the home that comes with radiators – such as the stifling heat as you walk through the door into the hallway, and a double radiator is blasting out heat up the stairs.

If you are looking to save money on heating bills and heat your home more efficiently and comfortably, then take another look at what underfloor heating kits will offer.