Spending more time in our homes during these winter months, it’s important that you feel cosy and comfortable in your rental property.

It doesn’t matter where you’re based, whether it’s York, London or in the stunning Moda Living McEwan Edinburgh apartments, there are many ways for you to ensure your apartment is inviting during the colder weather. 

To get your property ready, remember – you don’t have to worry about spending too much money or time, so why not try testing out these decorating and design ideas in order to winterise your rental property and turn it into your own winter retreat.

Blankets at the Ready

Make sure you have plenty of warm blankets draped around your apartment – not only will this add warmth for you, it’ll also add colour and texture which all contributes to the feel of warmth within your home.

Women carying a pile of warm winter blankets

A great idea, if you’re a person who enjoys crafting, is to use the downtime you’ll have by spending more time at home to create your own crochet blanket. This is such a great way to while away the hours and the finished product will always be a cosy favourite because it was made by your own hands.

Add Warmth Underfoot With a Rug

You may feel that you have your heating set to the perfect temperature and your double glazing is doing its job to keep your property warm, however, in spite of all of this – it can still feel very chilly to step onto a hardwood or tiled floor. To combat this, it’s worth adding a few area rugs into your design theme. These will create a very welcoming feel throughout your home, again this will add to the texture and design and also give you that warm feeling underfoot to keep you toasty at all times. 

The ideal places to add your area rugs around your property are in the areas with more footfall, so for example, placing a rug in the hallway, the kitchen and the bathroom will ensure you add the warm and welcoming feel in all of the right places around your home.

An additional benefit of adding rugs around your property is that they offer a source of sound-proofing – a huge plus if you’re in an apartment building with others and you’re a fan of listening to or of practicing music.

Add a Hot Drinks Area to Your Kitchen

There’s nothing like a mug of something warm when you’re feeling a bit chilly and it’s a dull day outside to really cheer you up and put a spring in your step. By adding a hot drinks station in your kitchen or dining area, you can create a cosy hub where you can enjoy the process of making a warm drink to settle down with.

coffee machine in kitchen

Regardless of whether you’re a coffee drinker, a tea lover or you’re more of a hot chocolate fan, this area will become a beacon of warmth during the colder months. Remember to add all of your favourite drink additions to your station too, including must-haves such as marshmallows, chocolate shavings and cinnamon sticks.  

Consider setting this area up in a corner of your dining area and add a comfortable chair to settle into with your warming winter beverage – the perfect way to ward off the winter blues.

Enjoy Your Favourite Hobbies

This is the best time of year to indulge in all of your favourite hobbies – especially the ones that make you feel very cosy. It may be baking bread, cooking up warming meals such as stews or soups, listening to music or settling down with a good book – these are the activities that keep you happy and entertained and there’s nothing like that to invoke a feeling of warmth.

It’s a good idea to place items that relate to your hobbies around your rental property as these will be a wonderful, constant reminder of the things you love to do – a sure fire way to add warmth to your home.  

Think About Scents in Your Home

Winter-themed scents are incredible for filling your home with a warm and cosy feel and a really easy way of doing this, and one that doesn’t cost much money, is to light a scented candle.

Purple and aqua scented candles

The scent and the warm glow will really add warmth to your property and, with scent having the power to remind you of some of your favourite times and places, this will be something that will evoke special occasions for years to come. 

There are many ways to make your rental property your own this winter, so have fun trying out different ideas, designs and colour schemes to really turn your place into your own cosy winter home.