Keeping your home warm in winter is vital, and if you have a tech friendly home, then chances are you want a heating solution as modern as your tablet and your next gen console.

Traditional wood or coal burning fireplaces are great in that they give you a relaxing ambient glow and those relaxing flames you can stare into with a nice glass of wine (or whatever you like to drink after a long day), but they are not the most eco friendly thing, and there is also all of the cleaning and maintenance you have to do.

Bio ethanol fireNobody really wants to spend their time lugging around logs or sacks of solid fuel, after all, and while chopping wood may seem fun and manly at first, it does become a bit of a drag when you have to do it all the time in the dead of winter.

So, with all this in mind, it is clear to see why bioethanol fuelled fires are becoming so popular. They look good, they require hardly any effort to install and run, and they still give you that warming glow you want in your home.

Here we take a look at what bioethanol fires can do for you, and why they are the biggest thing in interior design technology right now.

Bioethanol Fires 101: What They Are and Why They Are a Good Choice

Bioethanol fireplaces are essentially fires that run on clean bioethanol, a kind of alcohol also known as methylated spirit.

Using this as a fuel creates a real flame, which gives you that warming, cosy look, but doesn’t give you the smoke or ash you get when you burn a solid fuel like wood.

Bio ethanol fireThere are a lot of reasons why a bioethanol fireplace works out well.

First of all, they are smokeless, so you don’t need to have a chimney, and you won’t end up smelling like you have been at a Guy Fawkes party for the whole winter season. This means less maintenance, and that you can put one anywhere you want in your room or home.

This is one of the reasons bioethanol fireplaces have become so trendy – whether you live in a country cottage or a London apartment, you can install one of these beauties wherever you like and have a great heating solution that looks fantastic with any style of home design.

Why Bioethanol Fires Look Great with Modern Interiors

If you take a look at any range of modern bioethanol fires, you will see that there are a whole host of cool designs, in all different sizes and colours.

Because a bioethanol fireplace doesn’t require flue systems or being built into a wall, you can make them a centrepiece in your room, or even have them on top of a table or work top.

This means you can put the attractive flame of a bioethanol fire in any room, and have it exactly where you want it for both aesthetics and heating.

Bio ethanol fire

You will see that as well as modern, minimalist designs in sleek settings with colours like white and chrome, you can also get more traditional looking bioethanol fires that can give a more rustic look.

Whatever style of interior you have in mind, you can find a bioethanol fire that will not look out of place and can add to the overall ambiance of the room.

Bioethanol fires range in price dramatically, and the more fashionable the setting, the more you may be willing to pay.

You can get a functional bioethanol fire very cheaply that you can use to keep your home warm, but if you are looking at designer looking fires that will really set off your room, then you may have to be prepared to spend more money.

In any case, a bioethanol fire is environmentally friendly, easy to live with, and flexible enough to fit in with your interior and lifestyle.

This is why these kinds of fires have taken the interior design world by storm, and are set to be a must have heating solution for modern, tech friendly homes.

It may be the middle of summer, but if you are thinking about making changes in advance of the winter, a bioethanol fire can be a great choice.