Underfloor heating is a fantastic and luxurious way of keeping your home toasty warm over the winter months.

But why? What can expect when you install this heating system in your home?

#1 Warmer

Underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than radiators and so you would think that you would feel a little chilly with underfloor heating. But actually, the opposite is true.

Underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature for longer and thus, your home always has a pleasant ambient heat in the background. And that means when you want more heat, it doesn’t take it long to reach a warmer temperature.

#2 Everything is hidden

There are no radiators taking up space on a wall or in an inconvenient spot like under the window. Everything is hidden away from the manifold to the network of plastic piping that runs under the floor.

#3 Doesn’t cramp your style

Because everything in underfloor heating kits when fitted is hidden from view, it makes it a minimalist style heating system. It is simple, yet effective.

There is no clunking, hissing or clanking as it is a simple system that uses very little in the way of moving parts and this too, makes it a heating system that requires very little in terms of maintenance or even thinking about.

Underfloor heating pipes
Underfloor heating pipes before the floor is covered in screed

#4 Clean

Radiators heat the air and this means hot air rises and then falls back down again as it cools. This circular motion is known as convection.

There are several snags with heating a room this way and that is the movement of dust-laden air. But underfloor heating radiates heat, meaning it heats an object – that is, the floor – and not the air.

And because underfloor heating kits work best with hard flooring solutions, it is really simple and easy to keep your home hygienically clean.

#5 Not hot-to-the-tough bits (or cold bits either!)

Radiators can get hot, very hot, and with vulnerable adults and children running about the place, this is bad news. And there are the sharp corners of radiators that can deliver a nasty injury should anyone fall against it.

Again, with underfloor heating, there are no components on show to injure people, burn them and neither are there cold spots as the system heats the entire floor, not just one bit of it.


#6 Easy to install and use

Half way through our list and we know come to the thorny issue of installation and operation. Replacing an existing heating system can mean upheaval but with underfloor heating, the upheaval is minimal and the amount of time it takes to install is minimal too.

And with a smart thermostat, operation your new underfloor heating system is super easy. To use the phone on your app or tablet and tell it what you want it to do.

#7 Saves you money (without you being cold!)

We all know that energy bills are continually rising and that means looking for ways to stay warm that don’t empty your bank account nor damage the planet.

Underfloor heating, with a hard flooring solution and its lower running temperature, is super-efficient but – this is the best bit! – without you being cold or needing to layer up with 10 layers of clothing or more.

#8 The best kind of heat

Do you find your home uncomfortably warm or stuffy? Do you open the window every now and then to ‘change the air’?

Because convection causes air movement, it can make a home feel too hot and stuffy. And it dries the air out too.

Underfloor heating is luxurious for your feet but also great for heating your home without drying the air or causing it to feel stuffy.

#9 Minimal maintenance

No bleeding radiators, no messing with pipes, no worry that everything will break down. As a heating system, underfloor heating kits and their components offer a high-quality solution to heating your home.

It is a deceptively simple system with very few parts that could malfunction.

#10 Adds value

Underfloor heating brings added value to your property because:

  1. it is a recognised and coveted heating system and
  2. it makes heating the home cheaper and that for any potential buyer or tenant is a welcome piece of news.

Underfloor heating was around in ancient Greek and Roman times. Today’s version is a modern take on that system, utilising cleaner methods of heating a home and also utilising technology to give you the control you want and need. Isn’t it time to take another look?