Language is a strange but beautiful thing. It’s one of the guiding lights that connect us, bringing people together and allowing them to share their stories and experiences. Equally, it can divide, creating barriers to understanding.

For those who speak only one language, the world can be limited. Without this ability to communicate and connect, it can be difficult to fully appreciate different cultures and ways of thinking.

That’s why we believe there’s so much value in being bilingual, but deciding which language or languages you want to pick up can be tricky. With so many to choose from, a good place to start is to consider which options will open the most doors for you.

Read on to find out.  


Italian sits in 21st place on the list of the world’s most spoken languages. While it’s not the most widely used tongue, it’s nonetheless useful, with many opportunities to learn Italian available online. This means you don’t need to travel to a classroom or rearrange your schedule to attend; rather, you can achieve your linguistic goals in a way and a timeframe that suits you.

Gand Canal Venice Italy

Given it’s spoken as a first language by around 85 million people across the world, Italian offers plenty of opportunities to converse. What’s more, it shares many similarities with other romantic languages, making it easier to also master these down the line. That’s the primary reason we’ve added it to this list – because it’s a great gateway option for learning other languages in the future.    


Staycations can of course be great fun, but for those who travel more widely, being able to speak another language is incredibly useful. While it can be difficult for English speakers to wrap their heads around, Mandarin is one of the best options. With over one billion speakers worldwide, it’s the second most spoken language behind English. 

Technically speaking, it’s not a language at all but a set of dialects. What unifies these is that speakers can understand and communicate with each other, meaning any travellers who learns Mandarin can do the same. This allows you to connect with people and experience new places in a different and more profound way.


There are so many wonderful places in the world to visit, from the dreamy Costa del Sol to glamorous Argentina. What lots of them have in common is a shared language, and in many cases, it’s Spanish. As the fourth most widely spoken tongue, this boasts 534 million speakers.  

Old Street in Valldemossa village Spain

Not only this but – like Italian – Spanish is a wonderful gateway option for learning other Romance languages in the future. Spoken throughout America, Africa, and Asia, the country’s colonial history means Spanish is understood across continents, making it a handy tool to have in your linguistic kitbag.

With so many beautiful and luxurious destinations to visit and enjoy, the world is your oyster. The best way to experience it is through its global citizens, and communication is essential to enhance this. Language really is the key that unlocks a thousand doors. Learn it today to bring the world around you into a clearer and more vibrant focus.