Tips for Creating a Family Garden

Summer has just about approached us so it is finally time to utilise our garden space that’s been neglect for so long.

Throughout the upcoming months keeping on top of your garden is a must and it’s great to get your children involved and educate them on the wonders of the outside world.

Create fun outdoor activities

Tips for Creating a Family Garden

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Creating an outdoor space set with activities that your children can get involved with is sure to lure them out of watching the 50th episode of their favourite TV program.

Making getting outside a special event but giving them their very own gardening tools, that way they won’t be tempted with the look of yours. Helping you with the garden will give them a sense of responsibility and make them feel like they’re doing ‘grown-up’ jobs which is always super exciting for little tykes.

Creating a family garden to suit all needs is a lot easier in a big garden as you have more space to play around with compared to smaller gardens that have a more challenging layout.

If you don’t have the room for permanent fixtures of swings and slides, invest in equipment that can be put away at the end of the day and moved around easily.

This movable equipment will work in your favour since your garden needs to be adaptable seeing as children’s mind change extremely quickly on what they want to play with.

Tips for Creating a Family Garden

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Why not try and create a wildlife area of your garden where you can hang bird feeders, place logs and maybe even build a little pond.

Children will love exploring this and it will also give you great satisfaction when you sit back and get to watch all the different types of birds fly around.

If you have older children encourage them to help you craft a ‘secret garden’, where no adults are allowed, enhancing the feeling of freedom and but helping you to know they’re safe.

Urge the entire family to take part in planting the new flowers and shrubs for the garden, this way the entire family has a say which plants are selected from the garden centre, and at the end you will be rewarded with a tidy beautiful looking garden that you can sit back and relax in.

Creating a space for you

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Creating a garden that appeals to all age groups can be a tricky task to be faced with. You don’t want your whole garden to be dominated by children’s toys so that’s why it is important for you to create a dedicated garden area just for you.

Investing in some new garden furniture is a great way to get you excited about your own space, and purchasing a little luxury such as a Jamie Oliver Garden Set, will give the an adult area which will allow you to entertain your guests in style.

Lighting and of course a few cosy blankets dotted around, can ensure that the garden becomes a space for the whole family to enjoy, no matter their age.

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