Dining rooms are one of the places where we are most likely to receive guests.

For this matter, there has to be enough sitting places, especially if we are talking about having a meal together. Of course, there are several possibilities to solve this problem when the dining room is big enough.

Large Dining Tables

Large modern dining table

You may just opt for a larger table and more chairs to get enough space for everyone. But, if your dining room size is not large enough, there are lots of extendable dining table options for small spaces.

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Extendable Dining Tables

Extending dining tables are not very big initially, but if needed, can be extended to the appropriate size to accommodate all the guests.

This solution enables the owners of rather small dining rooms to have a perfect place for cozy family meals and for great parties with friends as well.

The main advantage of the extendable tables in this case is that normally they leave enough free space in the dining room, when not extended to the maximum size.

Even if you have a big dining room but do not need a huge table at all times, this piece of furniture will be useful for you too.

In this case, you will be able to use the table as a nice small family dinner table, and when needed will have enough place for the guests.

Extendable dining table

This way the big table will not get dusty and dirty and will be easier to clean.

Extendable dining tables are one of the most popular on the market nowadays.

A vast range of models will allow you to pick the perfect one for your particular dining room.

If your dining room is rather spacious, oval or round extendable dining table is a great option.

Square and rectangular dining tables are excellent for very small rooms, as they save valuable space when established next to the wall.

Modern extendable dining tables are usually made of solid or processed wood, however, such materials as glass and steel are also extremely popular, especially, when it comes to modern hi-tech interior styles.

Contemporary glass extending tables can look really chic and elegant.