Buying furniture can be expensive, so we have put together a list of ten ways to save money buying furniture.

10 Ways to Save Money Buying Furniture

Everyone’s budgets are getting squeezed at the moment, so we thought we would make an easy to use list of ways to save money getting awesome furniture for your property.

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1. Factory Seconds

Look for furniture factory seconds outlets. You may be able to find great bargains for a range of items including: sofas, desks, chairs, office furniture and more.

2. Assess Space

It is vital before you buy anything (we all know how easy it is to impulse buy!) make sure you fully assess how much space you have available. Buying an item too big, or too small, for the space you have can be a costly error.

3. Make a Budget

If you are planning on buying more than one piece of furniture for a room it is vital you create a budget. The cost for a room can spiral out of control if you don’t have a rigid budget to stick to. If you buy one or more expensive item, you may be more inclined to save money on another item if you realise you are above budget.

4. Compare Prices Online or with an App

Don’t buy an item the first time you see it online or instore. Always check online to see if the same item is available elsewhere at a better price. Apps like RedLaser can scan barcodes and find the best price from a range of retails.

5. Look on eBay and Amazon

There are loads of great bargains to be had on eBay and Amazon. On eBay, look for newly listed “Buy it now” items. You may just catch a bargain before anyone else.

6. Buy British

Saving money is important, but so is supporting British companies and industry. Why not not check if the shop and item you are buying are UK based. You can consult You can still get a bargain as well as supporting the UK.

7. Be Eco Friendly

Cost isn’t measured in just monetary terms. The cost to the environment as well as the cost to you and your families health are even more important. Furniture can be toxic, so make sure you source environmentally friendly furniture where possible. Visit

8. Source Locally

Does someone near you make furniture? There are skilled tradesmen all over the UK, why not see if someone that lives close by can help you. You may find the transaction is friendlier and cheaper than it would have been otherwise. RatedPeople has been recommended by many as a good resource for finding a local tradesman.

9. Buy Quality Long Lasting Furniture

Cheap furniture might be great in the short term, but whether you are moving house or living somewhere indefinitely you should think about buying sturdy and long lasting furniture. A cheap item of furniture may seem like a good buy in the short term, but the deal will rapidly become sour if the product isn’t made to last.

10. See the Product in Person – Caveat Emptor

Buying over the internet can go well sometimes, but a small and grainy or well taken photograph can withold a multitude of sins. Shop carefully and try and find other photographs of the product using Google Images if possible.

Always remember: “Caveat Emptor” – Let the buyer beware.