Sphagnum Bog – Photo by Tony Hall

Photomovie : Hampstead Heath 4.22 mins
Music : Cinema Paradiso (Main Theme) by Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny from beyond the Missouri Sky

Climbing towards the north of Hampstead Heath a fenced area called Kenwood encloses a constructed landscape of walks encompassing evocative views. The place names provide a clue to the diverse nature and history of this space; Thousand Pound Pond, Stock Pond, Duelling Ground, Farm House, Flower Garden, Kitchen Garden, Dairy, The Orchard, West Meadow, Quarry, Toll House, Kenwood House .. and the Sphagnum Bog. From this quiet hollow sunk into the West Meadow the River Fleet begins its journey to the Thames, bees flit from foxglove to foxglove, butterflies and dragonflies meander through the tall grasses and rustling noises close to the moist ground suggest many other forms of life exist here.