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One estimate from the National Wood Flooring Association stated that homes with hardwood floors sold significantly more quickly and with greater value than those without hardwood floors.

In fact, 82 percent of Realtors interviewed by this association stated that this was the case.

However, many homeowners today are aware that hardwood floors can take significant abuse, and they may now be wondering if it is worthwhile to keep older hardwood floors in place with repairs or to replace them altogether.

By focusing on a few important factors, you can make a wise, informed decision.

The Location of the Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are prone to damage from a number of factors, and the most significant of those factors relates to water.

When hardwood floors are exposed to moisture for even a short period of time, the wood may become warped and require replacement.

Wear and tear in high traffic areas of a busy home can also lead to damage of hardwood floors.

When trying to determine if you should make a repair or if you should replace the floor entirely, you should consider the location of the floor.

If the hardwood floor currently in place will be exposed to significant wear and tear, water or other related factors over time, repairing the damage may be futile.

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Your Home Life

There are several types of wood that can be used with hardwood floors, and some of the most innovative and beautiful materials today are designed to be highly durable for use in even the busiest of homes.

When you are trying to determine if you should make a repair or a replacement, consider your home life as well as the material that is currently installed.

If you have a softer type of wood in place with your floors, if you have a high traffic home with several pets and kids in the house, or if all of these factors are at play in your home, there may be a considerable benefit to you to upgrade to a more durable type of hardwood floor.

The Cost of Repairs

When trying to decide whether you want to make repairs or a replacement, it is important that you have more information about the cost of the repairs.

Certainly, you want to ensure that the repairs would be worthwhile and the results of repair work would have some longevity in your home.

Therefore, factors like your home life, the type of wood used in the floors and the location of the floors is important.

You can attempt a DIY job at refinishing your floors, but this is not advised.

Floor sanding is a skilled trade, trying your hand at it without draining could lead to further damage to your floors – making them uneven or breaking through the floorboards in some cases.

Sanding can be messy in the wrong hands too, whereas professionals will use the latest dust-free technologies to keep your home as clean as possible.

Get a quote from a number of registered floor sanding professionals.

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The Cost of Replacement

Likewise, you should also request several quotes for the installation of a replacement floor.

You may be debating about installing a more durable type of hardwood floor, such as bamboo, or installing tile or other types of flooring in the space.

When making your decision about whether to repair or replace a floor, you need to have all of the facts and figures in front of you.

Cost of installation is one of those factors. In most cases, the cost of a replacement will be more significant than repair costs.

However, it is important to consider the cost of this service in combination with all other factors, such as longevity, durability, repair requirements and more.

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The Estimated Increase in Value to the Home

Repair work to wood floors can increase property value significantly because the wood floors can be restored to like-new condition in many cases.

However, the condition of the fully repaired hardwood floor should be considered in relation to how long the results of the repair work will last.

The value of a home may increase if different materials are used with a replacement as well. In some homes, such as historic homes or home with traditional appeal, a beautiful hardwood floor is desired or expected.

The lack of hardwood flooring may actually detract from the home’s value in these cases.

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However, in other homes, replacing the floor with tile, stained concrete or other types of flooring may be beneficial.

If you are trying to decide whether you should repair or replace the hardwood floor that is currently installed in your home, you should keep in mind that a floor should be functional and durable, but it also can affect the value of the home in a significant way.

Because of this, it is important to consider each of these points carefully.

These factors will vary based on the home’s occupants, the flooring material currently installed, the style of the home and more.

By focusing on these factors, you can make a decision that is best for you and for the home.

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