Environmentally Friendly Interior Design Hints And Tricks - Air Purifying House Plants

Ensuring that your home is as environmentally friendly as possible on the inside as well as the outside is fast becoming a growing trend.

As we seek to dramatically reduce our carbon foot print, there are lots of simple yet effective way to implement these changes in our home.

Whether that’s by using recycled wallpaper or by opting to have a more environmentally friendly heating system, here are some tips and tricks to help make your home into an eco-haven:

Eco friendly wallpaper options

Environmentally Friendly Interior Design Hints And Tricks - Madison & Grow Wallpaper

We’re all more than happy to opt for a recycled notepad, so why not extend this philosophy with our wallpaper choice?

Thankfully, there is an increasingly wide range of designs and prints available for the environmentally conscious so that saving the planet doesn’t need to come at the expense of your interior design!

Madison and Grow, for instance, offer responsibly sourced wallpapers and any unwanted fibre is reclaimed and used in the agricultural industry.

Consider changing your heating supply

As we approach the winter months, we will be increasingly reliant on our radiators to keep us warm. This can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to minimise your carbon footprint, but by installing an eco-friendly heating range you can stay cosy this winter whilst minimising the impact to the environment.

These EcoHeat electric radiators from VeriSmart Heating are energy efficient and easily programmed to an exact temperature for your own individual needs; thankfully they won’t break the bank either as they are available in affordable prices!

Use energy efficient lighting

Environmentally Friendly Interior Design Hints And Tricks - LED Light Bulbs

This is a simple and easy change to make in your home that will have lasting impact on the environment. By switching from regular light bulbs to eco-friendly ones you will dramatically reduce the energy that is wasted when you use your lights.

Most of the energy in ordinary bulbs is expended as unwanted heat, but by switching to the eco-friendly bulbs you can ensure that energy is used for the purpose it is intended.

Have some plants as decorative features

Environmentally Friendly Interior Design Hints And Tricks - Orchid

If you’re struggling to think of environmentally friendly decorations, plants can be a simple yet striking addition to any room. House plants are becoming increasingly popular as they are now available in a wide range of colours to suit almost any interior.

If you’re unused to caring for plants, it might be an idea to care for a simple green plant before building your way up to an orchid as these can be quite temperamental and difficult to care for at times. That said, once you are used to them they are a gorgeous addition to the home.

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