Running an energy efficient home just makes sense, whatever your reasons for trying.

Whether you’re environmentally conscious or trying to pinch the pennies (or perhaps a bit of both?)

Did you know, it’s estimated between 25% and 35% of energy in our homes is completely wasted each year*?

That’s not kind on the planet or our pockets.

Go green AND make a large difference to your energy bills with these 7 easy steps:

1) Check those ratings!

Energy Efficient home

Pay attention to energy rating labels when buying electrical goods.

In the EU, retailers are legally obliged to display energy efficient labels alongside white goods and appliances (e.g. washing machines, freezers, electric ovens etc) at the point of sale.

The labels rate appliances on a scale from A+++ to D .  The ratings are based on the product’s energy consumption and give an evaluation of its energy efficiency.

In the USA, the EnergyGuide and Energy Star labelling programmes offer a similar purpose.

2)  Defrost your freezer

Freezers accumulate a build up of frost over time, reducing the amount of space available and hindering the appliance’s performance.

A frosty freezer will work harder to keep your goods frozen, therefore using more energy! Defrost your freezer once per year to ensure it’s running efficiently.

Defrost your freezer!

One family has a smart meter fitted in their home.  They monitor energy consumption in real time.  They believe they’ve saved up to £200 per year by defrosting their freezer:

‘Our daily usage started to inch up – it got to be about an extra 60-70p everyday – even though we weren’t doing anything differently,’ says father-of-three Ian.

Then one day they noticed their freezer was completely frosted up. Not expecting for a minute that it had been the stealth bill inflator, they decided to defrost it nonetheless.

‘Overnight our energy usage dropped down to the level it was at previously,’ says Ian.

Read the story here.

3) Fully loaded

Reduce running costs by fully loading the dishwasher and washing machine before switching them on.  It’s a simple tip that can make a big difference to your wallet over time.

4) Time to reflect!

7 tips for running an energy efficient home - Aluminium Foil Used To Reflect Radiator Heat

Radiators emit heat into the immediate vicinity, warming up the wall behind and the air above!  Install reflective panels behind your radiators to direct heat back into the room.

The result:  you’ll need less energy to heat the room.  You’ll be surprised by how much of a difference this makes!

Radiator reflectors can be purchased online and from most DIY shops. You can also use tin foil wrapped around thick cardboard to achieve a similar effect!

5) Having a ball:

A simple rubber dryer ball will cut tumble drying time by up to 25%*!

6) Lightbulb moment:

Energy Efficient lightbulb

Energy saving lightbulbs use 80% less energy AND they last ten times longer than regular lightbulbs*.

7)  Inspect, clean, maintain and service:

Regularly inspect equipment and white goods to ensure they’re functioning efficiently and effectively.

Check the user manual for advice on cleaning and maintaining your products, or call a specialist company to give equipment a proper service.

Live in a hot country?  Service your air conditioner every couple of years to ensure it is working to full capacity.  In between services, you can clean and replace cooling unit filters to save energy.

* Source of statistics in this article: RELISH Resident Guide

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