Beds are an essential item in any household. When it is getting late at night, and we are tired, we want to go to sleep on a comfortable surface, and this is where beds come in!

As you will have gathered, beds are available in all manner of shapes and sizes, ranging from small beds such as futons and single beds through to beds of gargantuan proportions such as queen-sized beds!

We don’t normally give much thought to the styling of a bed, other than whether a certain style of bed frame and headboard would match the decor of our bedroom or not. That’s because beds are, for the most part, pretty ‘ordinary’.

There are some occasions where people either want or have designed some really weird yet cool designs for beds. Here are 5 examples for you to feast your eyes on!

1. The Cocoon Bed

Cocoon bed

Image Source: Emily Moore (via Pinterest).

Who said that beds cannot be suspended from the ceiling? If you feel that you may have been a moth or some other kind of insect in a former life, then how about a hammock and cocoon-style bed? At least it’ll be easy to vacuum underneath…!

2. Star Wars AT-AT Children’s Bunk Bed

Star Wars bed

Image Source: Lizzie Hills (via Pinterest).

I once saw a greyhound that his owner had dressed up in a Star Wars AT-AT costume for a charity costume design contest, and apart from feeling sorry for the poor pooch I wondered if anyone had ever made a Star Wars AT-AT bed?

Low and behold, someone did – in the form of a children’s bunk bed. How cool is that!

3. The Clamshell Bed

Clam shell bed

Image Source: Sarah Allen (via Pinterest).

If you have got an underwater theme going on in your boudoir, then why not carry on with the theme by getting yourself a clamshell bed?

The one in the photograph above even has a hydraulic shell cover, so you can keep your bedroom looking neat or tidy!

4. The Cradle Bed

Cradle bed

Image Source: sarah scarlett (via Pinterest).

This isn’t quite something that you are likely to find at local bed retailers such as the Glenwood Furnishing Company, but if by chance you are lucky enough to find someone that sells this cradle bed you should definitely get one because it looks so awesome – and it will gently send you to sleep!

I probably wouldn’t advise this bed for someone that suffers from motion sickness though.

5. The Pink Rollercoaster Bed

Roller coaster

Image Source: Marianne (via Pinterest).

Do you have an obsession with pink rollercoasters? If so, here’s a great way to help you dream about all the fun you could have riding a pink rollercoaster; you can sleep on one!

To be honest though, you’d probably have to commission someone to build one like this for you, because this one was actually a museum piece created by a collective of Cuban artists called Los Carpinteros. You can see some more pictures of it on their website, as well as some of the other awesome things they have created too!