With space in the UK at a premium and many new homes constructed with smaller rooms than in the past, people today are often very conscious about the available space in their homes and the challenge of maintaining a clutter-free room.

One excellent solution is to choose furniture that has built in storage, like divan beds. A divan bed has many benefits over other models on the market, as they dont only offer ample storage but also provide a comfortable sleeping space, as these beds are able to offer that extra bit of solidity thanks to the sturdy surfaces the mattress is laid on.

Storage Space

Divan Bed With Storage Drawers - Image Via https://www.hf4you.co.uk

The bottom of a divan bed base is usually accessed by sliding doors or drawers that glide outwards. The type you choose depends on personal preference and also the available space, because if you place a bed too close to the wall, you may not be able to open the drawers fully.  In a childs room, a storage bed can be a real space saver, perfect to store the many toys that a child loves to collect. In an adults room, a divan bed is a great place to store sheets, blankets and pillows that you can easily access when needed.


Nowadays, manufacturers ensure these types of beds are just bought for practical purposes, but also desirable because they are comfortable and stylish. This is possible due to the rapid advancement of technologies, particularly when it comes to the varieties of mattresses available, as well as the materials used to make the bed. This ensures you are able to buy exactly the right type of bed for your individual requirements, and at the same time guaranteeing you can enjoy a new style in your bedroom.

Buying a divan

Divan Bed With Storage Drawers - Image Via hf4you.co.uk

Probably the best place to buy divan beds is online. Many online bed retailers offer a large selection of storage beds and will also deliver them to your home the next day without charge. Some online bed sellers give the option of choosing between various headboards and footboards, thus making it simple for you to get the exact look you are looking for. In addition, you will most likely be able to choose a mattress separately, which is always a good thing you can select one that is best for your tastes. For example, some people prefer a soft mattress while others prefer a firmer model which can help with existing or potential back problems.


Purchasing a bed is high on people’s list of furniture priorities because this is where we spend a great deal of our time. The bedroom should be clutter free and comfortable, offering a relaxing room where we look forward to retiring to every night. Having a lot of clutter and belongings lying around can increase stress levels without you realising it, so a bed with storage is an option to definitely consider.

Whatever room size you have, you will find divan beds will provide you with all the comfort, elegance and practicality that you desire for your bedroom, and furthermore without the need to dig too deeply into your pocket.