If you’ve heard the term “wet room” but don’t really understand what it is or how it could benefit you, this article will help to answer all your questions.

A wet room is a fully waterproofed bathroom, usually designed with a gently sloping floor which guides waste water into a drain (also known as waste).

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Wet rooms are ideal for those searching for independent bathroom ideas, as they are completely step free and fully accessible, especially for those with mobility issues.

Most wet rooms contain a shower area and waterproof boarding which is completely tiled over, producing a highly contemporary, minimalist aesthetic.

However, it is not uncommon for wet rooms to also feature a bath and some form of glass screen to help protect from splashes.

Wet rooms can work in both large and small bathroom spaces, so here are 6 good reasons why it can work for you.

Adds value to your property

A much sought after addition to any home, a well-constructed wet room can certainly add a unique selling point to your property, boosting its value in the process.

Along with the designer style a wet room will bring, you will also be waterproofing a room in your home which can be prone to leaks and water damages. This is another major tick in the box for any prospective future buyer.

Provides easy access

With level flooring throughout, a wet room is highly accessible, especially if you share your home with elderly relatives or lack mobility through an injury or disability.

It is especially suitable for wheelchair users as there are no floor level obstructions.

Even if you don’t experience mobility issues yourself, it will help future-proof your bathroom for later in life.

Opens up a small space

If you have a small bathroom, a wet room can be a great way to keep it feeling open and spacious.

Simply replace your bath with a shower and tiled floor to make optimum use of floor space. A simple glass panel will make a much sleeker addition to your room than a full enclosure with doors.

Simple to maintain

By installing tiles from wall to floor, you’ll find a wet room is much easier to clean than a regular bathroom.

As the whole room is designed to be wet, you can simply detach your shower handset and rinse off any grime or dirt, using a conventional household cleaner.

Creates a designer look

There’s no denying that a wet room can appear amazingly stylish, lending itself well to the on-trend minimalist look.

By selecting coordinating tiles, ceramics and a shower, you can treat yourself to a truly inspirational bathroom space which will leave your friends and neighbours green with envy.

Easy to install

It may seem like a complex and rather adventurous project but installing a wet room is easier than you’d think.

With wet room tanking kits and full installation instructions available, you should be able to find a bathroom installer or plumber who has good experience of this type of job.

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