A well-designed home is one of the best ways to make a strong statement. However, achieving the ‘well-designed’ status can be a difficult task, and overwhelming at that, as there are so many options and possibilities to pick from.

Yet it’s still possible to create a dazzling home yourself using your own imagination and creativity.

In this article we worked with a home design expert from Cherie Lee Interiors, one of the leading interior designers in Hertfordshire, to put together three interior design tips to fuel your creative process.

Start Off With Inspiration

Source: Cherie Lee Interiors

All of us have a creative spark inside of us, but it sometimes takes a bit of inspiration to get the juices flowing.

There are many interior design magazines to look through, giving a wealth of great ideas for your new home design. Make a start by cutting out your favourite design pieces and then creating an inspiration board.

Another great place to search is Pinterest – you can find our board here – sign up if you haven’t already and create yourself a home design board, pinning all of the images that you like.

You can also take a look through our inspiration section for an array of interior design and home design inspiration.

You’ll most likely find a common pattern between the designs you’ve picked, giving you a clear idea of the style you aspire to create. You may be surprised by the ideas you come up with once you have this board of inspiration in front of you.

Determine Your Colour Scheme and Stick to It

blush pink room made.com
Blush pink room – source: made.com

After gaining clarity regarding the style of interior you desire, the next big step is to choose the type of colours you’d like to use. This can be a tough choice, as colour is highly personal and has the ability to cast a certain mood over the entire room.

It’s important that you choose the colours that call to you, and the best way to find this is by looking at your inspiration boards – keep hunting until you find a selection of colour schemes that catch your eye.

When picking your colours, you will want to keep the rule of 3 in mind. Don’t go for anything less, one or two colours is boring but the addition of a 3rd colour can make the room pop.

Rule of 3 – Source: Lionel Moreau Photography (lionelmoreau.com)

Generally, you’ll want the main colour for the walls, a second complementary colour for the larger accents in the room such as the sofas and chairs and finally a third colour that adds a burst of colour to the room, using items such as pillows or flowers.

You should do this even if you wish to use only one colour, ensuring that you use different shades of the colour to keep things looking stylish.

Find the Focal Point of the Room or Create One

The focal point of the room is its most emphasised feature. When entering the room, it’ll be the thing your eyes are naturally drawn to. Everything else in the room is there to compliment it.

Finding the focal point is a great way to start your design. Many rooms often come with built-in focal points such as a large window with a stunning view or a fireplace, as in another of Cherie Lee’s designs seen below.

Source: Cherie Lee Interiors

If your room doesn’t have a natural focal point, you can create your own. Here’s how:

  • Paint one of the walls a different colour using the third colour you chose, then add some artwork or shelves to make it stand out further
  • Create the room around what you’ll use it for, for example, your living room may be focused around your glistening flat screen TV
  • A large piece of furniture can be used as a focal point
  • Also, a large piece of artwork can be used to create a focal point, a mirror works well too

Once identified, use the other items in the room to complement it and help draw the attention to it. Use the focal points main colour in elements throughout the room but use it sparingly to ensure the central piece stands out.

A focal point can be drawn out more easily by framing it, a good example is a fireplace – they are often easy to frame as they usually come with a mantelpiece, where décor can be added. If it’s a big window, then arrange the furniture to best display the window and enjoy the view.

Accessories Are Your New Best Friend

Accessories are a great way to add personality to your home, and so for that reason, you should use items that mean something to you.

When hiring a professional designer, the first thing they often do is ask you questions to get to know you and your personality – They then use this to tailor their designs. Since you know yourself best don’t be afraid to display who you are.

Add in a Variety of Textures

terrazzo wallpaper
Terrazzo wallpaper – Source: Cloudberry Living

This is most important if you’re going for a more neutral design – For it to stay looking stylish and avoid looking bland, a mixture of textures should be added to the room. By using different fabrics/textiles, the feel of the room can dramatically change for the better. A combination of materials like wood against metal is a great way to create a fantastic look.

By using these tips, you’ll be able to create a stylish home that any designer would be proud of, and most importantly you will too.

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