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Your office is twinkling, gleaming, looking better than the palace of Versailles.

The desks look like something from a catalogue of art nouveau chic, your high-backed chairs are stylish yet comfortable, your walls are crisp to the touch and laden with opulent colours, and your employees look happier than a chronic smiler having his mouth forced open by toothpicks.

And yet there’s something vital missing from your office, something that could see your interior design hard work go to waste. It’s your washrooms – they’re, how do we put this politely, a problem.

They’re ratty infernos of filth and pestilence. The toilet bowl is covered in non-specific patches, the sink has more mildew than a Domestos advert, and a hand dryer that feels like an old man’s last breath.

In short, it’s not a pretty sight – and it could have a poor knock-on effect for your business.

Just imagine being an expectant client wandering into a shoddy washroom, they’ll head for the exit quicker than world record athlete Usain Bolt.

But fear not, there’s hope for your office washroom yet. We’ve come up with a few strategies to help you turn yours from filth infestation to gleaming paradise. Take a look.

The dryer the better

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There’s no excuse for having a shoddy hand dryer in your washroom, especially if you’re a larger-than-average office. Paper towels are too wasteful and a hand dryer that barely works will be nothing more than a drain on your electricity bills. What you need is a product that’s of a truly high-quality.

We’d recommend checking out hand dryers from a reputable supplier, and don’t be frightened to shell out for one that’s suitable for your company. In the long run, it’ll be worth a little extra.

A fresh lick of paint

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There’s little better for a washroom than a fresh lick of paint and a few pictures on the wall. These enhancements go one step further than good hygiene. They make your washroom a pleasant place to be, increasing the likelihood that people will wash their hands and, in turn, decreasing the chances of your office become infected with germs.

Wiped right

Antibacterial wipes are a simple but effective way to ensure that your washroom is kept gleaming, even when the cleaners haven’t visited in a while. As well as being a vital part of a cleaner’s arsenal, you could leave them next to each toilet and sink in your facilities, giving users the chance to clean the toilets themselves if they’re feeling a little germ-phobic.

There are plenty more ways to keep your washrooms looking fresh. Sites like can help you find a custom bathroom design suitable to your business needs. If you’ve got any other tips, let us know in the comments below.

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