Building your own home is a project that many would love to take on.

There’s a sense of freedom involved, and you can build a house that works for your lifestyle. Don’t get us wrong, it’s certainly not easy! Self-builders regularly find themselves in difficult financial and emotional circumstances. However, most look back on the process and say they’d do it all again.

Today we’re celebrating the most weird and the wonderful in self-building. We’ve unearthed some of the most impressive and downright crazy self-builds in the world. The homes on this list make Grand Designs look simple and easy! Let’s take a look, shall we?

Shipping Container House, Brisbane

There’s a strange trend in Australia involving the use of shipping containers. These raw, industrial megastructures are being transformed into beautiful homes.

The best is in Brisbane where a couple took to the material in order to cut costs. What they discovered was an untapped resource for builders. The craze caught on, and similar designs have been seen in Sydney too.

The Turning House, Prague

A 67 year old man in the Czech Republic has spent nearly 20 years perfecting his rotating house. The entire home revolves around the central staircase, which can be pushed to rotate the building.

It’s a simple idea that allows him to see the best of the city at any time of the day. More recently, a rotating house has popped up in Australia. Only, this one is electronic and turns at a constant speed all day to ensure best use of natural light.

Transparent House, Japan

We’re not sure they completely thought this one through. On the one hand, they will make the most of all the possible sunlight. On the other, there is no privacy whatsoever.

It’s a testament to pioneering architecture. The designers wanted to evoke the past, where Japanese communities would live in the open. It’s based on the idea of communal living and opening your home to strangers.

The World’s Thinnest House, Poland

5 Of The World's Most Impressive Self Build Homes - World's Thinnest House Poland

The house is so small, you wouldn’t even know it was there. Squeezed between two existing buildings, the home is 92cm wide at its smallest point. It was constructed by a descendant of a persecuted Jewish family.

The design is a homage to the conditions many lived in during the Holocaust. The architect has turned it into quite the stylish, modern space, with room for a small office, bedroom and a kitchen.

Airplane House, Nigeria

A family in Nigeria became so obsessed with travelling that they decided to incorporate it into the home. The roof of the property is built from an old plane fuselage. The main nose, body and wings are still fully intact above the house.

Inside, the family have taken parts of the aircraft and turned them into features and furniture. You can sit on airplane seats, for example!

If you’re planning a self-build, can you take on the architectural wizardry in these homes? Let us know if you’ve come across any other impressive or crazy self-builds on your travels! Until next time.

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