Time and time again, we get asked how to make living rooms feel warm and cosy.

Everyone wants a comfortable place to rest at the end of a hard working day. We like to close the curtains on the world around us and settle down in front of the TV. Unfortunately, many living rooms remain cold and lifeless.

It’s not easy to perfect that cosy, warm effect. It takes time to build the right furnishings, and a deft touch to bring it all together. In this post, we’ll show you some of the best interior design secrets!


The fundamental key to warmth and cosiness is texture. Texture is your number one priority from now on! The best way to start is with a bold rug in the centre of the room.

Layered on the carpet or over the wooden floor, a custom rug will make a huge difference. It immediately softens the feel of a harsh environment. It injects colour and texture into the home and provides a focal point.


When it comes to creating a cosy room, you need to block out the natural light. Chunky curtains will help you do that, and they look fantastic. Find a thick fabric with a deep, rich colour.

Dark, chocolate browns are great here. Once you pull them closed, your room will feel warm, cosy and intimate. Again, the fabric will soften the feel of the place, and bring everything in closer.


Soft furnishings make all the difference. Pile them up on your sofa to add texture and depth to the furniture.

It adds a splash of colour, and you can even match it with a throw or a blanket over the arm. One fantastic trick here is to use oversized cushions. The bigger, the better!


Creating warmth and cosiness comes from getting the light just right. All the tricks in the world won’t mask a harsh overhead light. Instead, install a dimmer light at the main socket.

Keep it slightly lower than full power for a more romantic light setting. Then, scatter lamps around the room in the corners. They’ll add decoration and provide a soft warm glow too. If it’s still not perfect, try adding candles or fairy lights around the room.

Bring The Furniture In

We learnt this trick from various interior designers. It has become an interior design trend this year, and it works every time. Rather than backing your furniture right up against the wall, pull everything out a little.

Bring the furniture away from the wall by about a foot, and you’ll bring the whole room closer together. Strangely, it also improves the flow of the room. Try this for yourself and see the difference!

Layer Colours

The last touch requires getting the tones just right. Choose the colours of your soft furnishings carefully. That’s your cushions, throws, rugs and curtains. Opt for deep, rich and dark colours against neutral tones.

Follow these tips and you’’l soon uncover the warm, romantic and cosy living room you never had. Best of luck, and let us know how you get on!

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