Modern Office Additions That Can Improve Employee Retention

High employee retention is something that every business owner strives towards and hope to maintain.

The reasons are many, and clear. High turnover demonstrates to clients and customers that staff are not made happy in your company. It can also be cripplingly expensive too.

One way that you can improve employee retention in your office is with modern additions. From more supportive seating to higher quality lighting, these seemingly small facets can have a big impact.

Each of these, and others work together to make staff more comfortable when at work. In turn, they are happier, more productive and more efficient.

Let’s look in a little closer detail at a number of modern office additions that can improve employee retention in your business.

Quality Lighting

You may read the above header and think this refers to bright lighting. Yes, bright lighting is fantastic in an office environment. However, this is only true for some rooms and spaces.

In dull spaces, bright lights can aid productivity and alertness in staff. However, in other places, if it is too bright, it may cause issues. An example of this is if it makes computer screens difficult to read, because of too much glare.

So, be sure to consult Lighting Specialists before making any decisions on new installations. They will be able to use their expertise to fit lighting that will only help, and never hinder.

Comfortable seating

Modern Office Additions That Can Improve Employee Retention - Office Seating

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Not only can uncomfortable office chairs be bad news for your employee retention. They may also be causing your staff to have pain in their back, neck, and overall body. This, in turn, can increase the number of sick days your staff need to take.

These two reasons alone should be encouragement enough to upgrade your office chairs. Research the latest health and safety requirements for office seating, and adhere to these.

The guidelines are in place to help and assist you. They also give you the reassurance that you are caring for your staffs’ wellbeing and health in the way you should be.

Chill out area

Up until a few years ago, the term ‘chill out area’ was one you only usually hear in a spa! However, these days, their popularity is growing and growing in offices.

This is for a good reason. Your staff spend a large proportion of their weeks and even lives at work. This work can often be filled with stress and challenges. They will sometimes be tired, or even exhausted.

By finding space for a chill out area in your offices, and installing one, you acknowledge this. You say to your staff ‘we know you work hard- thank you. This is one way we want to reward you!’

The best chill out areas include comfortable seating. You could install some swinging hammocks or some deckchairs if you wanted to be a little unusual!

Plus, some sort of game or activity to relieve tension. This might be a competitive game of ping pong, or a distracting set of massage chairs, for example.

Main Image Source – By Steve Davidson