How To Maximise Productivity With A Modern Office Design

Whether you work in a home office, or you’re surrounded by colleagues, you spend a lot of time in one location.

Your workplace is the place you call home for hours-upon-hours each week. Unless you can feel productive in your working environment, you’re not going to be able to produce your best work.

The same goes for your employees. So, here are a few ideas to help you maximise that productivity with a modern office design.


It’s tempting to spend as little as possible when it comes to furniture. However, you and your employees will be utilising it constantly, and if it isn’t up to scratch, aches and pains will develop.

You want to guard against repetitive strain injuries that develop from a poorly implemented workspace. One of the things that a lot of modern offices are doing these days is incorporating standing desk chairs, too.

This gives employees the option to reduce the uncomfortable nature of sitting down for too long, as well as reducing pain.


You don’t have to go wild with wallpaper and bizarre designs when it comes to decorating your office. Instead, branding it with awards, logos and pictures is often a good way to go. It acts as somewhat of a motivational technique for you and your employees.

I work in a home office, and I keep a multitude of framed awards and achievements on my desk. They keep me motivated to work hard and achieve even greater things in the future.

It’s amazing how much motivational power branding can have on your team! Another great benefit of incorporating this is the great impression it’ll make when guests come to visit.


How To Maximise Productivity With A Modern Office Design

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If you want to create a modern office design, you need everything to feel modern. This all comes from the style of office you choose to create. Ideally, you want quirky designs that you wouldn’t expect to find in most offices.

For example, you could fit bi-fold model doors like the ones at Why not spruce up a disused room with a brand-new colour scheme with help from Adding unique touches all over the office will help it to feel modern and exciting.


If you want to create a modern feel to the office space, there aren’t many better ways to do it than with technology. You’re probably already using technology in all sorts of forms by this point. If you haven’t already, you need to invest in an IT support company like This is the first step, and then, they can help you to incorporate new technologies into your office. You might want to add fingerprint scanners to confidential rooms. You might even want to equip rest areas with iPad’s to give your employees an extra source of entertainment during their lunch hour. Technology offers so many options to make your office as modern as you want it to be. It’s beneficial to keep up with technological trends for business purposes, anyway.

Spacious Surroundings

No matter how many improvements you make or how much money you throw at it, you can’t have a modern office within an enclosed space. If you’re finding that everything is just a little too cosy, you’re going to have to find ways to improve.

This might just be a case of de-cluttering the office and putting some equipment into storage. Alternatively, you could rearrange the office, giving priority to your employees’ spacial requirements.

If they’re bumping into each other constantly, something has gone wrong. Space is necessary in order to maximise productivity.

Natural Light

Another thing you need to prioritise when it comes to a modern office design is natural light. You’ll find that in many good examples of modern offices, there are a lot of big, glass windows.

This is because natural light has been shown to be effective for productivity, as well as reducing headaches. It’s good to have access to fresh air, anyway.

If you’re all enclosed in one space with no access to the outside world, it’s only natural that it’s going to feel a little claustrophobic. If you can find ways to provide more natural light, you’ll start to notice the benefits in time.

Before you go ahead with redesigning your office, make sure you’ve planned extensively ahead of time. Enlist the help of office design experts along the way to ensure you don’t waste any money in the process. Hopefully, you’ll find that the benefits of a redesign are well worth it!

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