Don’t put off renovating your house because of the costs, as it’s possible to make some big improvements without breaking the bank!

The secret is to know your budget and to draw up a careful plan of action in advance, with a renovation checklist of jobs that need to be done.


If you’re on a tight budget, give the exterior a fresh coat of paint for a quick fix and tidy the garden, as nothing looks worse than overgrown borders, long grass and weeds. If you have more money to spare, replace any single-pane windows with double glazing.

One thing you can’t afford to scrimp on is your roof, so employ a professional to inspect it – leaving it in a state of disrepair can cost you more in the long run. Also, make sure you have adequate loft insulation, as you can save on energy bills if heat isn’t escaping through the roof.

Need more space?

Structural alterations can be pricey, so instead, consider converting and furnishing your attic or basement, as the added value to your property will outweigh the cost if you decide to sell later. If you have a larger budget, add an extension, such as a conservatory.

Plumbing and electrical

These are areas where you shouldn’t scrimp – replace any old pipes with new copper ones and have your sewer pipes cleaned professionally. Once these vital jobs have been completed, install more modern plumbing fixtures, if you still have enough money in your budget.

Have a qualified electrician do a safety check on your electrical service panel, outlets and switches – faulty wiring can be dangerous.


A priority should be to replace any old carpets – they can make the whole house look worn if they’re getting threadbare. New tiles, or laminated wooden flooring, can give your house a more contemporary look.

A simple coat of paint in your living room can be an instant boost, as can replacing curtains with blinds and buying cushions and throws if you can’t stretch to new furniture. Fireplace renovation need not be costly, yet can be a massive aesthetic enhancement. If you have money to spare, bi-fold doors can open up your living space.

Bathroom and kitchen

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford a whole new bathroom suite, simply re-grout the tiles and install new taps, more modern lighting and new toiletry storage space in the bathroom. Makeover your kitchen by painting or re-tiling the walls and installing modern flooring. A breakfast bar can be a useful and inexpensive addition.

The important thing to remember with home renovation is to stick to your plan, based on your budget. Work your way through your pre-determined checklist and don’t be tempted to veer off-course half way through!

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