Create The Perfect Home Cinema

Since the turn of the millennium, the cost of going to the movies has skyrocketed.

In the UK, the period from 2007 – 2014 saw the cost of a trip to the cinema increase by 26% while average disposable household income dropped by 6.4% – see article here by the Daily Mail.

It is little wonder then that more of us than ever are choosing the comfort of our living rooms over a jaunt to the local cinema.

But can the authenticity of the cinema experience be recreated in our homes?

Movie theatres use a combination of surround sound systems and acoustic treatment to find a comfort zone that enhances the auditory experience for viewers. This creates the immersive feeling we all love when at the movies.

To recreate this experience in your own home isn’t as difficult as one might think. Some careful consideration to speaker configuration and the placement of acoustic panels in your room, plus some handy DIY skills and you could be enjoying the full cinema experience without the overpriced popcorn. ‘

Below infographic:

Infographic from Resonics ( a London-based acoustic survey (, supply and install company.

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