Fed up of dull eggshell white walls and grey carpets?  Consider banishing the boring colours from your home – life is too short!  Instead, decorate each room in your favourite bright and bold shades!

Need a little inspiration?  Here are four different places you ought to use bright colours in your home:

1) Stairs:

A bright and bold staircase will create a real statement in your home.  There are several different methods you could try:

  • For wooden steps:  Paint the backs in a rainbow of shades, or cover with patterned paper.
  • Can’t or not allowed to paint? Choose a brightly coloured stair runner instead.
  • If you were to choose a set of stairs in the UK to perfectly suit the characterful houses in the South West of England, then you can’t go far wrong with a brightly coloured spiral staircase.
  • You could also consider installing a dry painted steel staircase spiral or straight. They can look modern and stylish, or industrial and chic. We love the bright and modern choices at UK.fontanotshop.com. The green colour (pictured below) is very striking:

Source: Stairs UK

2) Walls:

Bored of beige?  Paint your walls using a strong palette of bold colours instead.  Choose a stimulating shade of mint green, a vivacious shade of pink or perhaps an uplifting sunshine yellow.  We love the tonal orange shades used in the photo below:

5 Easy Moroccan Style Decor Tips - Moroccan Lounge - Image By StudioTen25
Source: StudioTen25

We recommend using matte paint on the walls and then decorating the rest of the room different shades.  For accessories, choose an array of textures, e.g.) a glossy lamp, gilt mirror, painted wooden skirting boards, shaggy rugs etc.

3) Doors:

Paint your internal and external doors with vibrant colours to welcome those visiting your home.

Source: behr.com
Source: behr.com

Here are a few of our top tips:

  • Take your time choosing the perfect shade and finish – don’t choose on a whim!
  • Semi-gloss and high-gloss paints are great for front doors because they’re easy to clean
  • Before buying your paint, take a swatch or tester pot home so you can check how the colour looks with the surrounding area
  • Consider painting the front and the back of the door different colours
  • Consider a two-tone colour block effect (as pictured above).  
  • Don’t be tempted to skip the prep stage, it’s important for a good finish
  • Tape your door edges and hardware to ensure they stay paint free
  • Remember to cover your floor with either newspaper, old bedding or a dust sheet

4) Furniture & furnishings:

This option is perfect for those who rent.  Instead of painting walls, staircases and doors with bright and bold paint colours, simply pick out furniture and furnishings in vibrant shades.   

How To Give Your Home The Ultimate Rustic Makeover - Rustic Painted Office Furniture By House To Home
Source: House To Home

Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Use local pages on Gumtree and Facebook to source old pieces of furniture that you can paint
  • Trawl charity shops for small accessories that you can spray paint
  • Vibrant coloured throws and coordinating scatter cushions will brighten up even the dullest of sofas
  • Choose graphic artwork for your walls.  On a budget?  Grab a canvas, some acrylic paint and a paintbrush to make your own!
  • Brighten up an old bookcase with a splash of paint.  If you’re feeling daring, choose two or more shades and paint each section in alternate colours!
  • In the dining room, consider mixing and matching coloured chairs for an eclectic look