5 Top Uses For Your Converted Loft Space - Photo by Martin Thomas

Now we’re into the second month of 2014; people all over the country will be looking at ways to improve their homes before the summertime arrives.

Some will settle for minor redecoration tasks, but others are a little more ambitious, and thus more inclined to undertake something that could add significant amounts of the resale value of their home.

Obviously, I’m talking about loft conversions.

Whilst this might seem like a huge job to some people, others recognise that a few weeks spent installing insulation panels, and nailing plasterboard could well be the best use of their time and money.

However, if you’re one of those not yet convinced, I thought it might be a good idea to highlight some of the uses you might consider for your new room.

So, give me your full attention for the next minute or so, and I’ll do my best to list five of the most common and exciting uses for a converted loft.

Hopefully, this should help you to see the value in such an endeavour and will result in you being more inclined to use the services of a company that provides expert loft conversions with a bespoke touch.

1 – Extra Bedroom

I realise this is a rather boring way to use your converted loft space, but as it’s the most popular it deserves to be mentioned on this list. In most cases, the bedroom you create in the attic will be the largest in your home, and so it’s easy to see why so many people opt to convert for this reason.

2 – Personal Office

Anyone who works from home might consider turning their loft into an office.

This is perfect because you’ll be far enough away from the hustle and bustle of family life when you’re working, but close enough should any accidents or emergencies occur.

Just make sure you keep a lock on the door so the kids can’t disturb you.

3 – Recording Studio

Those with a love of music and a talent for playing instruments often turn their loft spaces into recording studios because they’re out of the way enough to limit the amount of disturbance caused to neighbours.

You might want to consider adding some sound proofing if this sounds appealing though, as it can be a huge difference.

4 – Home Workshop

Whether you’ve got sewing and needlework skills or even if you’re a resistant materials genius, turning your office into a workshop will allow you to start a new home business that could bring in an extra income each month.

Obviously, you’ll need to be conscious of health and safety issues, but as you’ll be the only person working within the business, you should be fine.

5 – Tanning Room

There are very few spaces in the average home big enough to accommodate a full sized adult tanning bed, but your loft is one of them.

You should be able to pick up all the tanning equipment you need for less than £1000, so if you really can’t think of a better usage, what’s stopping you?

Right folks, I’ve got to head off now and help a friend choose between purchasing a wood or metal shed, but I hope my suggestions have inspired you to see the potential in your attic.

It seems silly to have a huge, completely empty room in your home these days, which is why I recommend you start work on a conversion ASAP.

Have fun!