Trag black gloss bed

Beds aren’t just for sleeping in. Well, actually, they mostly are – but they can look pretty whilst serving the function.

We have put together a quick article on 10 stunning modern designer beds – all taken from

1) Tira White High Gloss Light Bed

Tira white high gloss light bed

Classy, white and modern “high gloss” bed from Tira.

2) Modena Black High Gloss Bed

Modena Black High Gloss Bed

Simple, blocky and full bodied – a great bed for a modern yet down to earth bedroom.

3) Savoy Black Gloss Headboard Light Storage Bed

Savoy black gloss headboard light storage bed

A unique curve focused design with a “wow” factor built in from Savoy.

4) Tara White Gloss Bed with Led Lights

tara white gloss bed with led lights

A graceful, white bed from Tara – sleek and attractive – a great addition to any bedroom.

5) Savoy White Gloss Headboard Light Bed

Savoy white gloss headboard light bed

Complete with a functional headboard – this bed has a touch of style that brings together the whole design.

6) Shadow Ash Oak Bed

Shadow ash oak bed

If you have a room filled with Shadow Ash Oak, this bed will be the perfect companion – simple yet classy.

7) Trag Black Gloss Bed

Trag black gloss bed

This black gloss masterpiece looks both modern and timeless. Will look fantastic in any room featuring whites, blacks or grays.

8) Dark Black Gloss Bed with Lights

Dark black gloss bed with lights

Clatter. That is the sound of your jaw hitting the ground after you see this modern masterpiece of a designer bed. Simple with a touch of style.

9) Joseph Louis Sleigh Mahagany Bed

Joseph Louis Sleigh Mahagany Bed

Made from Mahogany, this bed is both graceful and authoritative. A bold statement for a luxury bedroom.

10) Milos Beech Overbed Complete Simple Set

Milos Beech Overbed Complete Simple Set

Combined with other Beech furniture this bed can help round off a kids bedroom with a touch of style and functionality.

Here are some other awesome bed and bedroom ideas from around the web:

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