How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter - Ancona Bench Seat Radiator From Designer Radiators Direct

Winter is on the horizon, which means homeowners will unfortunately have to part with the luxury of natural heating.

The weather is getting cooler and the days shorter, but money is also tighter in preparation for the holidays. Though this time of year is a daunting experience for some people, the issue of managing your amenities – particularly your home’s heating – need not be a baffling one.

An ideal radiator purchase will be an optimal balance between value, usability, and amazing design. It will be sleek, affordable, and always able to keep you toasty warm when you need it the most. Your search for a radiator that addresses all these issues can be a difficult and painstaking one, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter - Bisque Blok Radiator From Designer Radiators Direct


If you’re looking to keep your home warm and cosy this year, designer radiators are the way to go. Designer Radiators Direct offer a mind-blowingly large range of world-class radiator designs.

These are some of the best the domestic design sector has to offer, and they’re engineered to professional precision to ensure that they’re 100% safe, effective, and cold-proof.

How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter - DQ Crane 2 Column Radiator From Designer Radiators Direct

It’s no secret that different radiators offer varying levels of heat output. Whilst many default to larger models for larger rooms, this is not always the best way to get more from your unit. Instead, try using a British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculator to find the ideal heat rating for your room.

This takes into consideration the size of the room in question, what the space is used for, and the number & type of windows that exist in the room. It’s by far the best method for finding the perfect designer radiators, and you can find the value without hiring a plumber.

The BTU calculator can help you ascertain just how much horsepower your radiator will need, and we can then match that specification for you so that your room is perfectly heated, all year round.

Accessories are important too – you want to look at as many of these as possible. Make sure your product is embellished with the best accessories available on the market, from the important ones like valves, piping kits, wall stays, air vents, bypass valves and blanking plugs to the aesthetic features such as decorator caps, radiator tail extensions, radiator feet and reducers.

Finishing your radiator off with a little something extra like special accessories that are tailored to fit the correct models and make your radiator, will add to their design, and to be the best looking and operating piece in the room.

How To Keep Your House Warm This Winter - Designer Electric Radiator

And if you’re looking to take a step further, why not switch to an electric model? Electric radiators offer unparalleled value for money because they’re 100% energy efficient, which means no energy at all is wasted between power generation and room heating, unlike traditional gas radiators which are responsible for a lot of carbon dioxide output worldwide, and are generally more expensive to operate in the long run. What better time to save on bills than the winter months?

Don’t worry if you’re in a hurry. We know that the cold can take hold of you without you being prepared for it; an event with potentially disastrous results. That’s why Designer Radiators Direct also offers a range of next-day radiators. With powerful units that can be with you within 24 hours of ordering! Don’t skimp on radiator design. There’s an option for everybody.