Trendy Home Upgrades for 2015 - MarsalaAre you interested in some of the trendy home upgrades that homeowners can expect to see in 2015? Then continue reading to learn more.

Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Everyone knows that the kitchen is one room that faces a lot of trendy changes year after year, so it can be difficult to keep up with the upgrades necessary to keep this room looking as modern as possible. So what’s the big trend for 2015? Open shelving.

Open shelving is described as user-friendly and airy. Even though it can be seen as a way to display things neatly in your kitchen, it’s actually more about practicality and efficiency in the kitchen than anything else. Feel free to use the open shelving concept to really personalise your kitchen, make it feel really warm and lived in, and make it easy to use and functional.

Grey Bathrooms

Trendy Home Upgrades for 2015 - Grey Painted Bathroom

Grey was the big colour choice for bathrooms in 2014, and it’s still really popular for 2015 as well. If the grey in your bathroom is a little too much for you to handle, though, you can add a little bit of white to change the overall look and mood of the space and add an additional colour you’ll love.

If you don’t like white because it would make your bathroom look too monochromatic, rest assured that you can also choose to add splashes of eye-popping, bold colours, such as orangey bronze that’s earthy yet bright.

And when you’re done upgrading the colours in your bathroom, you can also add some heated towel racks or modern radiators from companies like that will add an additional level of modernity and luxury to your spa-like bathroom.

Marsala is the Colour Choice for the Year

Pantone’s colour for 2015 is Marsala, so feel free to add this colour to your home by repainting walls or strategically adding it throughout your rooms in the form of beautiful décor that will really pop against other colours.

Other 2015 Colour Trends

Marsala is a red-brown hue, much like the colour of red wine, so not everyone will be crazy about it. Thankfully, there are other colour trends you can implement instead. So have a little fun adding these colours throughout your home, as they are all popular modern options.

Popular colour choices include:

  • Pale green
  • Rich, dark hues, such as dark blues, that really stand out against white
  • Coral
  • Teal
  • Earthly brown shades
  • Medium blue hues
  • Blue-grey

If you’re a trendy homeowner, you definitely want to keep up with the latest changes in interior design. From grey bathrooms, to open shelving in your kitchen, and more, you can make small or big changes, depending upon your budget and preferences, to always keep your home looking fabulous year after year.

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