Interior design trends come and go faster than the latest batch of reality TV stars.

Waves of decor wash up onto the shore and then vanish again, the next piece of surf bringing a new style with it. But despite this, one overarching truth remains firm: luxury wins.

It does. Especially when it comes to the living room; that room we rush to tidy when we know family and friends, and friends of friends are coming round for whatever reason. That one room we wish was a little bit more sophisticated and touch more classy.

The problem is, we haven’t got thousands of pounds to drop in this room. We can’t just get a store card and kit it out with designer sofas and marble flooring and diamond encrusted chandeliers, or whatever else we constantly see on MTV Cribs. We wish we could, but we can’t (or we could but it wouldn’t be worth the lifetime of debt that would follow).

Luckily for you, we have the answers. Yup. Just because you don’t have the bank balance you’d like doesn’t mean you can’t make your living room look that much more luxe; you totally can, and that is exactly what we are going to help you with.

Sophisticated Means Simple

Even if you have managed to get your cluttered design absolutely perfect, your space is probably going to look more like the humble abode of a messy French artist than it is the sophisticated space owned by someone of luxury.

You see, when your space is cluttered and packed full of accessories and things, it looks shabby and messy, which are polite words we’ve invented to make it sound like we wanted to achieve this look on purpose.

As such, start off by decluttering. Anything that doesn’t ooze luxury or evoke emotion or bring back strong memories needs to go. By paring down your living room, you’re giving the more delightful elements their chance to shine. Being in a choir is fine, but being the star of a show is way better.

Televisions Are The Worst

They are a necessary evil. We get that. After all, meeting up with your girlfriends and not being able to join in their discussion about Riviera or Big Little Lies would leave you out in the cold.

But that doesn’t detract from the fact your big black screen is soaking the luxury out of your living room. Don’t worry, we’re not going to tell you to invest in a fancy mirror that drops down to hide it.

However, go on somewhere like Furniture Online UK and you’ll see how a TV stand collection can completely eradicate the unsophisticated look your TV has so ungratefully spewed into your space.

Not only this, but all of those DVD devices and Sky boxes and consoles will be hidden from view as well. To really top it off, we suggest you then create a gallery wall around it. That way you’ll really make your TV blend in, instead of letting it stand out.

Art: Bigger Is Better

Living In A Room Of Luxury

Luxury is all about creating a focal point that bursts with worldliness and elegance, finesse and style (which your TV doesn’t!).

That’s why you really need to invest in some art that sings a tune of total delight, something that has more wow than watching a new year’s eve fireworks display from the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The most important thing here is size. There is no such thing as too big when it comes to art (unless it doesn’t actually fit on your wall).

By having a wall that is dedicated to one piece of oversized and eye-catching art, you are well on your way to achieving that luxe look you dreamed about.

The best bit about all of this is the price. Amazing art work doesn’t cost the arm and a leg it used to. Flea markets, online stores, charity shops; all of these offer you the chance to get something special for a price that will give you butterflies.

Mix And Match Furniture

One of the easiest ways to make it look like you got an interior designer in (and then wallow in the praise when your friends find out it was all you) is to get rid of your matching furniture sets.

They shout DFS and that doesn’t exactly shout elegance. Instead, what you want to do is, fill your living room with different styles of furniture, each one desperate for the limelight.

Sure, have a couple of striking arm chairs that match, but then set this off with a sofa that clashes in colour or texture, and then blend these in by picking a unique coffee table and a (faux) cut-out-animal rug to slip under it.

Statement pieces of furniture stand out from everything else that is going on in your room, elevating the entire space to feel more charming. It gives a space character.

Merge More Textiles Together

It can be way too tempting to pick a single textile and then have everything follow suit. For example, going with a wooden theme is a great idea if you want to create a nautically inspired space. But you don’t want to create a nautical room.

You want to create a living room that bleeds luxury, and that is done through bravery. So instead of picking just one textile, try layering your room with different materials that give off very different textures.

Get that old driftwood table you fell in love with, but then decorate it with books, metal sculptures, bold flowers and a glass centrepiece.

Glass bottles really don’t cost very much, but when you choose those that have a similar colour palette and arrange them in the right way, they can really lift a room.

By having a mix of textiles across your space, what it will say to your guests is, “check this room out, it was custom-designed,” and that is exactly how to achieve sophistication. It’s a trick interior designers use, so it is time you did too.

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