Are you looking to change your old kitchen into a stylish new one?

If you are designing a new kitchen in your home, don’t cut corners. You’ll find plenty of articles online telling you that you can keep cost and time under control by keeping things simple with a kitchen renovation.

For instance, they might suggest that rather than getting rid of the cupboards and doors, you should think about simply replacing the handles.

This is nonsense and will just lead to your kitchen looking as plain and typical as it used to. Instead, if you want a brand new kitchen, you need to go bold and big. You can start by tearing everything out.

Out With The Old

It’s going to be a lot of work, but if you can, you do want to strip your kitchen down until it is a completely empty room. This is a great place to start and ensure you do indeed get a truly modern and stunning kitchen.

You can tear out the fittings, knock out the countertops until there is nothing left. Once you have done this, you can move out all the appliances and get to work.

In With The New

Go Contemporary With Your New Kitchen

With any room renovation, you need to make sure that you are building on the right foundations. That’s why you might want to think about rerendering.

You might find that over the years there has been damage to the walls in the kitchen and by re rendering you can make sure it looks brand new and beautiful.

If you take a look at a site like, you’ll see that there are lots of tools and materials here that you can use for rendering your kitchen. This is a DIY job and if you are not sure how to handle it check out some guides online.

Up On High

You should make sure that when you are designing your kitchen, you aim for high countertops and seating areas. These are in style right now with breakfast islands becoming the centrepiece of a kitchen.

If you’re looking to build the kitchen back up, that’s a great place to start. Although, rather than having a bare counter in the middle of the room, this could be the perfect place for your new hob.

With an extractor fan coming down from the ceiling this could centre the room, and a sleek modern design would look fantastic.


For flooring, you should aim for marble stone and if you can’t afford this have a look around the market for aesthetically similar materials. This will look stunning in your new kitchen, and it is possible to build the countertops to match too.

The best part is that with the right spotlights built into the ceiling overhead surfaces like this glisten beautifully.

New Tech

Finally, you can complete your kitchen by adding new tech to the room. You can look at some of the latest cool tech for the kitchen on

Heat induction hobs, smart fridges and fold away oven doors are all possibilities here to give your room a completely modern feel.

I hope you love the new design of your new kitchen. Starting from scratch can be expensive, but it can also definitely be worth it for bright, bold changes.

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