Are your possessions crowding you out of your own home?

If so, it’s time to take control with some nifty yet simple storage ideas.

Using the Top Half

Most of us don’t use all the vertical space available to us, yet up high there’s so much room that could be put to good use in beautiful, creative ways.

Open shelves running around the room at picture rail height make storage space for all kinds of things, from books and collectables in the living room to cooking utensils in the kitchen or spare towels and spare supplies in the bathroom.

In children’s bedrooms, install cabin or captain beds to gain extra floor space. Create a play area under the sleeping area, or use it for a desk or wardrobe.

Get jewellery collections organised and easy to find by creating vertical storage on walls. A simple craft DIY project would be to cover the inside of a fancy picture frame with chicken wire. Spray paint it to match your room decor, then use it for earring storage.

Finding (or creating) Hidden Spaces

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There are so many ways to stash possessions away while still keeping them close to hand. Storage furniture, for instance, is versatile and practical.

End tables with drawers, coffee tables with built under shelving or lift-up tops, ottoman beds with acres of storage under the mattress are all readily available.

Taking tips from tiny home enthusiasts, you could build storage into staircases by installing drawers under the steps, or choose garden benches that have storage to hold hoses or small gardening tools.

Other hidden areas we don’t tend to use include those spaces underneath cabinets in the kitchen. We cover those low-down areas with kickboards and forget them, but why not put on hinged doors so you can access those spaces for storage?

Storing Little-Used Furniture

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Freeing up space at home often means downscaling the amount of furniture we’re housing. If, for instance, the spare bedroom is rarely used, could it be used more practically as an office or hobby room?

Not only would there be somewhere private for work or play, you’d be able to leave things out ready for next time, instead of having to clear the kitchen table every time you finish for the day.

Collapsible or flat-furniture could be stored in your loft and assembled when you want to use it, but self storage offers an alternative solution for items that don’t break down so easily.

Storage room rentals easily repay their costs in regained space at home and allows for a more comfortable, convenient lifestyle.

Create Activity Zones

Four Storage Secrets To Beautify Your Home

You know you need activity zones when you can never find what you’re looking for. Organised storage is part of the key to creating zones, but their success also depends on family members cooperating.

Types of zone include quiet or relaxing areas, children’s play areas, work or office zones and dining areas. Appropriate storage, from shelving to transparent storage tubs or chests of drawers keeps all the tools or equipment together.

Zones help other aspects of life too, not just hobbies or business. Eating, for instance, can be a family affair every day if there’s a dining area in the kitchen for informal meals.

Breakfast bars are ideal if there’s no space for a table, but if you do have a little nook, consider built in seating with storage beneath.

Good storage solutions help prioritise what’s important. Keep the things you love most, close, and find alternatives for the items you want to keep safe but not use every day.

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