Now that Christmas is behind us and the days are beginning to get a little warmer, thousands of DIY fanatics all over the UK will start thinking about how they’re going to keep themselves busy over the next few months.

Some will be forced by their partners to concentrate on boring tasks like fitting a new kitchen, but those with a little more freedom will probably want to get out in the elements and do something about their rather unsightly and untidy gardens. This is where designing and building your very own shed can be a good idea.

The benefits of designing and building a shed yourself instead of purchasing a flat-pack product are many. Firstly, you’ll be able to save a lot of money by doing it all yourself, and secondly, the shed you build can be constructed exactly to your own personal specifications, meaning you can create something completely original and yet more functional and suitable than anything available to buy. So, if this sounds interesting, check out the rest of this guide and I’ll do my best to tell you how to go about it…

Make A Plan

It’s never a good idea to start any project without first making a plan of action, and building your own shed is certainly no different. You’ll want to measure the area you have available and draw up a simple plan on some paper. This should give you enough information to work out exactly how much material you’ll need for the construction stage. Make sure you check out any local stores that deal in DIY supplies to ensure you get all wood and tools for the cheapest prices possible.

Creating A Solid Foundation

This is the most important element to any shed construction and should not be overlooked. The solidity of your foundation will determine how durable your new structure will be, and so you should spend time with a breezeblock and a spirit level ensuring the space is completely flat and the ground is as compact as it can possibly be without using electrical tools.

Building Your Shed

Hopefully, you will have had the sense to ask staff members at your local DIY store or timber merchants to cut the materials to the right size, but if you didn’t, it’ll probably take you a little longer than most to erect the structure. You’ll need to start by laying the floor and then work your way to the walls before creating the roof and attaching it. Although this sounds simple (and it is), there’ll be lots of times when it’s possible to injure yourself, and so it’s vital that you pay close attention to any health and safety issues. Personally, I’ve managed to complete this entire task in less than two days before now, but don’t worry too much if it takes you a bit longer. Safety comes first!

So, if you’ve followed all my advice you should now have the shell of an amazing shed sitting in your garden. Now it’s time to install any shelving and insulation you feel appropriate before fixing some weatherproofing material to the roof and enjoying your masterpiece.

See, that wasn’t so difficult now was it…