Glue guns are one of those extremely useful and versatile tools used by DIYers and craft enthusiasts alike.

They can be used for a number of different purposes, and because the glue doesn’t instantly set like some glues do, it makes life easier for people who need to make adjustments to whatever it is they are using glue guns for.

One of the most common uses for glue guns is repairing things at home. Here are some examples of what kinds of repair and assembly work you can do with a glue gun:

Loose furniture

The majority of furniture produced these days are either pre-assembled or are provided in flat-pack form (i.e. like the furniture you can buy from Ikea). Regardless of who assembles the furniture initially, it is going to be inevitable that certain elements of the furniture will become loose, like wooden legs on tables or desks.

Although you could simply tighten up any screws on these items of furniture, you can also apply some hot glue to any parts that join together to lessen the likelihood of their working loose again in the future.

Plastic items

Isn’t it annoying when you are using something that comprises mainly of plastic, and suddenly a piece of it just breaks off in your hand? Plastic can become brittle over time, especially if it is left out in the elements, so it’s hardly surprising that this cheap-to-use material doesn’t stand the test of time.

Instead of spending cash buying a replacement item, many folks in the United Kingdom and beyond will simply grab their glue gun and join the broken bits of plastic together. If you use just the right amount of glue, you could perform a repair job that is virtually undetectable to the naked eye!


This is probably more of a frugal money-saving tip than anything else, but if you have used your favourite pair of shoes for a while the chances are bits of it are starting to falling off it.

The obvious answer would be to just go out and buy another pair of similar shoes, but why not save your cash for something else and use your trusty glue gun to repair them instead?

It’s a great way of keeping your favourite pair of shoes going for a while longer, and if you don’t have much money it means that you can use whatever spare cash you’ve got towards other things.

Car radiator grilles

Now here is something that really will save you a tonne of cash! If you drive a car with a mesh-like lower radiator grille, you will have noticed that the plastic mesh will eventually break off due to being exposed to all sorts of hot and cold weather, as well as having the occasional stone or two thrown at it from vehicles in front of you as you drive.

Such parts cost an obscene amount of money to buy from main dealers, and the ones that are sold secondhand from breakers yards or online tend to be damaged anyway. In such cases, you can use your glue gun to join up any broken bits of plastic.