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We’ve made a list of five easy ways to get your garden back into shape now that the harsh winter is almost over. Enjoy pottering about!

1 – Give It A Lick Of Paint

Girl painting fence… But whatever you do, for heaven’s sake – don’t paint the flowers! We’re talking fences, sheds and anything else which can withstand a bit of unnatural colour.

There’s no need to paint anything that manages just fine by itself.

Paint instantly brightens up a garden and makes things look good as new.

Perfect for any surfaces that may have taken a bit of a thrashing over the harsh winter months.

2 – Replace Your Wilting Grass

Have you got lots of dead grass making the whole of your garden look ugly and drab?

Get rid of it! Why bother with the headache when there are some really fantastic alternatives out there?

Instead of stressing about maintaining something which is bound to wilt and can easily be ruined if (and when) it’s walked on, why not take the hassle out of the whole situation and invest in some decorative aggregate?


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3 – Plant Some New Shrubs

When the season of spring comes to mind, there’s no denying that many of us picture pretty flowers in bloom.

There are so many to choose from, and they really do cheer up any outdoor space.

If you have the option, invest in a range of different kinds and colours to create a botanical wonderland.

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4 – Adorn Some Quirky Ornaments

Some of us hang dream catchers from the trees, whilst others of us design an entire themed secret garden style effect.

Of course, many people go a little gnome crazy, and that’s fine, too!

Injecting a little personality into the garden makes the environment that little bit special and unique, a true projection of your internal creativity.


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5 – Invest In A Water Feature

Nothing beats a water feature which has been elegantly presented and given pride of place in a beautiful garden.

In the warmer months, such additions can be exactly what’s needed, presenting a cooling effect that will compliment all other landscaping and gardening that has been done around it.

Water features, such as waterfalls and ponds, can also be subtly added to highlight individual areas of a garden, or to provide an impeccable backdrop for garden parties, BBQs, and other occasions calling for outdoor entertainment.

Water feature

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