For many teenagers their room reflects their individual style and identity. Rugs can easily achieve this.

Teenagers no longer want their bedroom to contain items from when they were younger, or their parent’s style, but with the rate teenagers change what they’re into, it could work out expensive to repeatedly redecorate their whole bedrooms.

That’s why accessories like rugs are the perfect item to add that extra bit of colour and style to a teenager’s bedroom. When they grow out of it, the rug can easily be replaced with the latest design.

Hong Kong black multi rug
Black Rug With Neon 3D Block Designs – Source

DIY Painted Rugs

Large Guitar Rug in Gray
Guitar Painted On Grey Rug – Source

Batman Rug

DIY Painted Batman Rug – Source

A plain rug can be up-cycled into a new one with a bit of imagination and some paint. This is a great guide as to how easy it can be to redesign a rug with paint: How to paint a rug.

Fashion Rugs

Young fashions - manga rug
Manga Rug – Source

Street / urban style rug for kids

Kidz Streets Rug – Source

Teenagers often identify themselves with their hobbies and interests, be it Anime/Manga comics and films, or urban sports like Skateboarding and BMXing. These rugs are a way for them to incorporate their hobbies and interests into the design of their rooms.

Multicoloured Rugs

Large floral multicoloured rug
Large, Bright Floral Rug – Source

After Matisse - Contemporary Modern Area Rugs by Sonya Winner
Eclectic Multicoloured Designer Rug – Source

Love rug
Fashion Rug With Love Designed In Bold Lettering РSource

Creative rug
Colour Swatch Rug – Source

Multicoloured rugs can be fashionable, vibrant, stylish and a real centerpiece in any young persons room.

Block Coloured Rugs

Striped rug
Red and White Striped Rug – Source

Red rug girls bedroom

Red Rug – Source

A rug doesn’t always have to be the central part of a room. Should your teenager want a more subtle styled rug, they can still make their bedroom look modern and in a way that suits their style and tastes. This is done by placing a rug on the floor that pulls together the bolder colours of the room, saving the cost of a full makeover.

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