Many people assume that if they want to have a health-inspired, relaxing and holistic experience in a shower they have to make an appointment at a high-end spa or gym facility. But do you know that you can create the same experience in the comfort of your home? Yes, you read this right.

I was equally gleefully surprised when I first heard about shower panels (it’s called shower tower over here in England) that I could incorporate into my existing bathroom space. Installing shower panels in your home bathroom allows you to recreate this same experience for you and is cost-effective in the long run because you get to save money that you would usually spend on a spa treatment or gym membership.

Steam releasing shower panels can be easily installed in your bathroom. They produce and release a misty steam at your desired temperature and intensity depending on the conditions you like. Because the showers are enclosed, this steam is contained inside the unit and does not affect the paint in your bathroom. You also do not need to ventilate the shower because the steam simply condenses and flow out like water through the normal drain in the shower.

These panes allow different jet settings for water release. This allows you to get a water massage because of the variations in the water pressure. Installing these panels into your shower not only gives a touch of class and a sleek look to your existing bathroom features, but also allows the whole family to enjoy a sensational shower experience.  Plus your not limited when it comes design and style with a wide shower head, hand showers, and massaging jet features.

What are the advantages of installing shower panels in your home to create a spa experience?

Spa Experience At Your Home With Shower Panels

Save money!

Despite what most people think, shower panels are affordable and save you the cost of making an appointment at a spa or gym which offer these services at high price points. Installing these shower towers in your home shower allows you to enjoy spa treatment standards at any time whenever you feel like it.

Stress relief

If you have had a busy day or simply just want to unwind, these shower panels give you a stress relief method in the comfort of your four walls.


Not only are these shower panels easy to install they are also easy to use or program when properly installed. This allows you to enjoy a spa experience without the hassle of technological complications.

Safe for the whole family

These shower panels are great to use for the whole family. They have safety precautions and features that make it appropriate even for kids, so you don’t have to have different showers for different users in the house.

Shower panels come with a variety of features depending on your desire to maximise your shower experience. The choice in your shower head is the heart and soul of the shower panel. Waterfall shower heads create a rainfall effect that can either gently massage you like a gentle summer rain, or deep massage you like a professional masseuse to get all those knots nod kinks in your muscles. Additional handsets give you control over the water direction and intensity when you want to give different areas a massage.

The most efficient and quality shower panels come with thermostatic controls that give you the ability and freedom to control the temperature of your water. So whether you simply want to enjoy the feeling of a warm stream trickling down your body or you are one of those people who prefer the scorching temperature equivalent to the fire of seven hells (a moderate exaggeration, but you get the point!) you have full temperature control.

Not forgetting body jets, these are another feature that shower panels come with. These jets release water from all directions for a full body massage. All you have to do is stand there and let the water do the rest. Now doesn’t that sound like a little slice of heaven?

When looking for a good quality shower panel, one of the first things to consider is the material that is used to make the panel. Most shower panels are made of PVC, stainless steel, aluminium or acrylic. PVC shower panels are less expensive than its counterparts ranging between £200 to 3300. In truth, although they are cost-effective, they are not as durable or dependable compared to acrylic or metal shower panels which have a longer lifespan and durability. The metal-based shower panels usually have fingerprint free composition which helps to maintain the panels in a clean condition, maintaining the aesthetics of the thing. We all know that fingerprint marks on anything make it kind of unsightly.

Aside from shower panels, there are some other fixtures you can include in your bathroom to add to the spa-like experience, like great shower systems. White fluffy towels and bathroom gowns add to the experience, which is a feature that you usually get to enjoy in a proper professional spa. Allowing natural light through your bathroom, not only gives your shower the advantage of looking more spacious but also gives a calming effect. You can also add a touch of relaxation by including candles to the mix.

Wooden fixtures in your bathroom give your shower a natural and exotic look that mimics what you will find in an upscale Asian spa and treatment centre. You can also include a fireplace to help give you that zenith atmosphere that settles the mind, while you pamper your body with the much needed and deserved holistic treatment.

Flowers are also a lovely touch to your spa bathroom, and you may consider getting a lovely plastic orchid for that natural feel. Sometimes it is the smallest improvements that make all the difference. Remember that the mind plays a big part when it comes to physical relaxation therefore whatever you can do put your mind at ease goes a long way in creating that perfect spa experience.

In conclusion, shower panels come with a variety of features aimed at making your experience as exceptional as possible. Some shower panels come with FM radios so that you can enjoy your spa experience while listening to your favourite radio talk show or music segment. I don’t know about you, but even as I write this, I am fantasising about jumping under my shower panel for quick refreshment.