All The Basics On Shower Trays – And Why You Need One In Your Bathroom

Yes, you need a shower tray.

It’s not just about making sure it fits well into your bathroom (although that is, of course, a great advantage). It’s about making sure your bathroom runs properly, as it should.

We all know the advantages of a good shower; they are quick and easy, they are energy- and water- efficient, they provide a soothing cleansing, are easy to maintain, and fit well in any bathroom.

However, it’s not enough to just install a shower head. You need a shower tray. Why? Here are the basics on shower trays – and why you need one.

Don’t mess with water

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You can’t get away with water flowing just anywhere; it’s in the nature of water to be flexible and fluid – which means it’s difficult to control, especially if there is some pressure behind it.

Water can easily get into cracks, hit surfaces that are not meant to be wet (think of electrical outlets), run to places where you would rather not have it (carpets) and otherwise mess up a perfectly orderly bathroom.

Water is very useful but should never be underestimated. Shower trays, especially square shower trays, prevent all those issues.

Some possible consequences

It actually all comes back to the nature of water, and what it can do. Here are some possible consequences of not having a shower tray:

Deterioration of floors and walls – Even if the water stays more or less within the area that it’s supposed to stay in (the shower area), chances are, a few drops will escape and affect the floors and walls.

This will immediately lead to possible mould and fungus, and if the water seeps into any cracks you may have, the problem only gets compounded.

Nasty smells – Without a shower tray, water is sure to escape the shower area – and even if you have a pristine bathroom, it will leave nasty smells.

Too much maintenance. The benefits of having a shower tray are numerous, especially when it comes to a square shower tray, but if you ask the person responsible for cleaning the bathroom, the main advantage is very clear: easy maintenance and cleaning.

All The Basics On Shower Trays – And Why You Need One In Your Bathroom

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As you can see, it’s not just about shower trays – it’s about comfort, safety, and making sure your bathroom can last for a long time. It’s about taking care of things, the proper way.

A bathroom is, after all, an investment, and should last for a long time. In fact, given that the bathroom is a place where people expect privacy and also comfort at the same time, it pays to consider bathroom design as an investment rather than a must-do chore.

Your bathroom matters. So does the shower tray.

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